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I have a few coins to spare and I'd like to know if FF8 is worth blowing my money on. I'm a fan of RPGs, but FF7 is the only game in the series I've beaten, and I loved it. I'm currently playing Type-0 HD and I'm liking it so far.

Opinions, please. Does it stack up to FF7 in any way, shape or form?

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Yes. Best game of the series.

Not really, Final Fantasy VII and IX are superior in every regard. 

If you want me to compare the two, Final Fantasy VII has the better characters, better gameplay, better music and better story.


Please, don't do it. Life is wonderful, you know.

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You asked people's opinions on a comparison of Final Fantasy games!
Bruh you gonna get polar responses. The Vivsters will say it's better and the Wizz's will say it isn't even close.
Rule #1: NEVER ask for a comparison between FF games if you want to know what one is like haha.

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Hell yes. It's my personal favourite Final Fantasy game. It got a lot of hate because of its mechanics, which made an extreme overhaul over those in FF7 and that didn't please everyone, but I'd say go for it. You won't regret it.

Player2 said:

Please, don't do it. Life is wonderful, you know.


Life doesn't hold a candle to Triple Triad.

Yes, it's basically VII-2, aside from the draw mechanic.

And IX is basically a fan service version of IV; I personally think IX is the worst of the modern (IV-XII) series, unless you use the remakes of I-III.

Music is great, perfect mini game, nice characters, good story. Great game.