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Forums - Music Discussion - Do you consider METAL, techno, screamo, etc music or just entertainment?


Music or just entertainment

M 71 81.61%
E 2 2.30%
neither 3 3.45%
other, explain 2 2.30%
see results 5 5.75%
Jackie CHan MEme ( WHat, I do not even) 4 4.60%

My Girlfriends older kids get so mad when I say it is not music. But is this actually music? I actually enjoy a lot of it. DO I know any of the bands? No. But if they make a "CD" for me, I usually play it over and over again. I love techno, Trance as well.

But what is musical about any of it? Because someone in the background may or may not be playing a synthesizer or the drums?

It entertains me, but I say it is not music.

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Of course it's music. The very best kind of music as well!

Techno is all about rhythm and melodies. Why would you think it isn't music? It's the building blocks of music to the extreme.

I don't even know what screamo is....

I would say it's music, but technically, music is also entertainment :p

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They get mad because you're wrong. It is music. It is, by definition, music.

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Absolutely. Even music I don't like, I'd still consider music. It just so happens that you listed some of the best genres :P

Music I don't like is still music.

If you want to call it 'bad' music that' perfectly fine, but you can't say it's not music.

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Metal? What universe do we exist in where the musicality of metal could possibly be questioned? I can understand why you could think that techno and (to extents) screamo might not be music, but you're probably thinking of a very specific kind of metal, cause there are a ton of metal subgenres, with metal itself being a subgenre to rock.

Yeah, all of that stuff is music. By fact.

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Those are all different genres. I don't understand what the "etc." means or what would make them not music.

You can think that they're not GOOD music, but they're music--they just plain are. Any series of sounds meant to come together into a tune is music, whether it's a bunch of people beating on rocks or screaming into a microphone.

Ka-pi96 said:
Of course it's music. The very best kind of music as well!



I wasn't into Metal/screamo back in the high school days despite most of my friends listening to it. Now it's probably my favorite genre. And also it's the perfect gym music.

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