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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buying Wii U now, or wait for NX?

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What Should I do

Buy Wii U now 203 42.65%
Wait for NX 125 26.26%
Buy Wii U at bargain price 86 18.07%
Buy Hooker 62 13.03%

Small scale production of NX has likely already begun, and mass production will likely start at the begining of FY 2016(spring next year). So it's 99% guaranteed you will know all you have to know about NX by summer next year, and with Wii-U still at $300 i would say wait it out.

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i say get one, there's more than enough games out on it that makes it worth it

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Unless you're in any particular rush to play those games, I'd say wait and see what they announce for NX.

It's dependent on your interest. I have a WiiU with like 15 games that I enjoy. My ps4 and Xbone both have like 3 games each. If you like the games, get it. Not everyone has the same interests when it comes to games. Just because the WiiU isn't selling well, does not mean that it is a bad purchase. I am more satisfied with my U than the other two consoles. Do what you want.


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Wait for the 10th generation Nintendo console: the Nin10do !

Now seriously I'm in the same exact situation and, since you mentioned Zelda U that is one of the games I'd like to own, I'd tell you to wait until NX as I decided to do: the lack of Metroid is HUGE for me, as well as such an high price in his third year knowing the poor specs. for the games I'm gona miss out I'm not really concerned: if NX isn't backwards compatible (and it's rare to see such a thing with a Nintendo console) then I'll get all of the games I need via E-shop or maybe even remasters/better versions, after Zelda which most likely will get a dual release (with something better in the NX version) there are lots of games that Imho might get re-released since they didn't get the attention they deserved on Wii U, as well as games that are building up for sequels (aka Splatoon) and so on...

Wait for news. The wii u has solid titles, but nothing generation defining for you to spend $300.

I doubt the NX will have BC due to PowerPC->x86-64 architecture, but it's possible.

Also, most of the great wii u games will probably have sequels on the NX anyway (pikmin 4, smash, mario kart, legend of Zelda, donkey kong country, actual 3d mario)

I think that waiting for the NX, even at this point, isn't that great of an idea. Though there is a good chance it is launching next year, it could end up launching 2017 instead, and you will more than likely have to ask this question again. Though let's say for certain its coming 2016, considering everything, there is about a 50/50 chance that the NX will have different architecture, thus not making it backwards compatible.

At this point I would either wait for a black Friday/cyber Monday deal or get it refurbished from Nintendo directly, which I think is around $200. Actually, this is what I am doing myself because I want have another one for my complete personal use (FF, XCX, etc). That being said, it has to pretty strong deal in order for me to get it, and it also depends on the amount games you wish to play and the amount of time you have.

At the end of the day, I think that you should believe in your on judgment here. Don't believe in us that belive in you, but the HollyGamer that believes in you.

AlfredoTurkey said:
thatguymarco said:
Just wait it out, better to support Nintendo when they fix their shit than when they fail horribly. Assuming that the NX is gonna be a system made by people that have common sense.

Nintendo really hasn't made a console that made "sense" hardware wise since the SNES. Sure, you could argue that they went cheap and put a processor in it that was too slow, which allowed the Genesis to win in the US, but it was still on par or better power wise. The N64 was when things started to get funky and it only got more funky each time after that.


I wouldn't hold my breath. This is what Nintendo does now. All I hope for is a standard controller. lol

You're asking them way too much.

I'm now filled with determination.

Just get a used Wii U. You can get them pretty cheap.

Also, we don't know if the NX will be backwards compatible yet. And the Wii U allows you to play Wii games (and gamecube games unofficially). So it definitely has its advantages.