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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buying Wii U now, or wait for NX?

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What Should I do

Buy Wii U now 203 42.65%
Wait for NX 125 26.26%
Buy Wii U at bargain price 86 18.07%
Buy Hooker 62 13.03%

wait for blackfriday/cybermonday. if the prices are good, BUY. sitting on the toilett playing metroid is worth every last dime.

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Unless you're absolutely dying to play some titles, I'd just wait. Although, I don't think the NX will be backwards compatible. Nintendo just can't run Power PC forever.

buy the wiiu for 119,99 dollar next year in april. or never.
big price cut is coming!

You dont even know what an NX is yet.

If it bothers you that much you can wait until E3 to find out what it is.

I've got a bigger problem!Buy 3DS for SMT now or wait for NX

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You will be wasting your money on a wiiu. But if you really want it you should get one.

I only had it for monster hunter 3. As soon as 4 was released on 3ds, i sold it. Forget the wiiu, wait until 2017 or 18 and jump on the nx. 

Wiiu is totally useless (for me)

I'd get the Wii U, but regardless of what the NX turns out to be and when it might be released, it's important to keep in mind that Wii U support will probably be over after holiday 2016. Either way, if you're not in a hurry, I'd tell you to really just wait for NX news.

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I'd say wait for NX at this point.

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If you've waited this long, I say wait longer. If the NX really is coming out soon, can you imagine how dang cheap Wii U bundles are going to be one or two holidays from now? Retailers are going to be begging everyone to take them.