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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Buying Wii U now, or wait for NX?

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What Should I do

Buy Wii U now 203 42.65%
Wait for NX 125 26.26%
Buy Wii U at bargain price 86 18.07%
Buy Hooker 62 13.03%

NX backward compatibility is not certain and we still dont know when will come, in best case at end of next year, and you already have interest in quite number of Wii U games

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HollyGamer said:
rolltide101x said:

I am almost 100% sure the next Nintendo console will not be BC with the Wii U.


Do you have a proove for that

Nintendo will have to change the CPU architecture, so unless they still pack a Wii U chip inside the console for backwards compatibility (like early PS3 models did, soon dropped due to price), I doubt there will be any.

Since you have quite some list, I'd say wait for some deal in the christmas season and get one then.

I don't think NX will come out next year anyway, so waiting for that console would probably get too long for you anyway

I say buy it now.The best choice would be to wait a price drop for it, but we dont know when nintendo is going to do it, even if.But Wii U has more than enough games to justificate the purchase.Plus Xenoblade Chronicles X is comming

PS: and we dont know if the NX will be BC, and even if it is, i dont know how he will mimic the gamepad for games that really uses it like Splatoon.So yeah, buy the Wii U

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

You have answered your own question...get a Wii U as it has the games you want to play and a fully fledged library. What if NX has a shitty launch line up? I would get a Wii U and by the time NX delivers the goods you will have had your moneys worth out of the U.

If you can wait, wait till E3 or so. if there's no announcement about backwards compatibility. I would just buy a Wii U.Since I'm really not sure it will be backwards compatible. Due to the XBone and PS4 not having it.


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Just wait it out, better to support Nintendo when they fix their shit than when they fail horribly. Assuming that the NX is gonna be a system made by people that have common sense.

I'm now filled with determination.

Do the reverse. Buy a Wii U. And wait on the NX. You need to make sure it doesn't screw up first.

HollyGamer said:

So i have a plan this early years,  to buy Wii U with Xenoblade Cross Chronicles on December,  actually i am interested with a lot of titles like Fatal Frame, Super Mario3D, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U (coming). But NX is close to announce and Nintendo always have backward compatibility with their consoles. Should i just cancel buying Wii U and wait for NX and buy Wii U but Wait for  price drop at bargain price, Or I buy Wii U now?

Do you have alot of money? If so, buy both. If it's like a thing where you HAVE to choose, then go with their next console. There's no point buying something that's about to de discountinued or have very little to no software made for it by Nintendo. Down the line, when it becomes a classic, sure. But not now.


I always cringe when I see parents buying last generation consoles right before the next generation comes out. It's like, I just want to help them lol

thatguymarco said:
Just wait it out, better to support Nintendo when they fix their shit than when they fail horribly. Assuming that the NX is gonna be a system made by people that have common sense.

Nintendo really hasn't made a console that made "sense" hardware wise since the SNES. Sure, you could argue that they went cheap and put a processor in it that was too slow, which allowed the Genesis to win in the US, but it was still on par or better power wise. The N64 was when things started to get funky and it only got more funky each time after that.


I wouldn't hold my breath. This is what Nintendo does now. All I hope for is a standard controller. lol

NX isn't releasing for along while because we know how long it takes Nintendo to develop games. So atm they have no games ready for a 2016 launch