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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Kansas City Royals: 2015 MLB World Series Champions!!!


Who has the best chance at winning the World Series?

Toronto Blue Jays 18 31.58%
Kansas City Royals 8 14.04%
Houston Astros 0 0%
New York Yankees 3 5.26%
Texas Rangers 0 0%
New York Mets 6 10.53%
St. Louis Cardinals 8 14.04%
Los Angeles Dodgers 4 7.02%
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 0%
Chicago Cubs 10 17.54%

The MLB Postseason is officially underway.

For the American League:
Kansas City Royals vs. Houston Astros: Royals win series 3-2. Royals advance to ALCS!
Game 1: Astros @ Royals 5-2
Game 2: Astros @ Royals 4-5
Game 3: Royals @ Astros 2-4
Game 4: Royals @ Astros 9-6
Game 5: Astros @ Royals 2-7

Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays: Blue Jays win series 3-2. Blue Jays advance to ALCS!
Game 1: Rangers @ Blue Jays 5-3
Game 2: Rangers @ Blue Jays 6-4
Game 3: Blue Jays @ Rangers 5-1
Game 4: Blue Jays @ Rangers 8-4
Game 5: Rangers @ Blue Jays 3-6

For the National League:
St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs: Cubs win series 3-1. Cubs advance to NLCS!
Game 1: Cubs @ Cardinals 0-4
Game 2: Cubs @ Cardinals 6-3
Game 3: Cardinals @ Cubs 6-8
Game 4: Cardinals @ Cubs 4-6

New York Mets vs. Los Angeles Dodgers: Mets win series 3-2. Mets advance to NLCS!
Game 1: Mets @ Dodgers 3-1
Game 2: Mets @ Dodgers 2-5
Game 3: Dodgers @ Mets 7-13
Game 4: Dodgers @ Mets 3-1
Game 5: Mets @ Dodgers 3-2


American League Championship Series: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Kansas City Royals: Royals win series 4-2. Royals advance to the World Series!!
Game 2: Blue Jays @ Royals 3-6
Game 3: Royals @ Blue Jays 8-11
Game 4: Royals @ Blue Jays 14-2
Game 5: Royals @ Blue Jays 1-7
Game 6: Blue Jays @ Royals 3-4

National League Chapionship Series: New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs: Mets win series 4-0. Mets advance to the World Series!!
Game 1: Cubs @ Mets 2-4
Game 2: Cubs @ Mets 1-4
Game 3: Mets @ Cubs 5-2
Game 4: Mets @ Cubs 8-3


THE 2015 WORLD SERIES: National League Champion New York Mets vs. American League Champion Kansas City Royals
Game 1: New York Mets 4 @ Kansas City Royals 5 in 14 Innings
Game 2: New York Mets 1 @ Kansas City Royals 7
Game 3: Kansas City Royals 3 @ New York Mets 9
Game 4: Kansas City Royals 5 @ New York Mets 3
Game 5: Kansas City Royals 7 @ New York Mets 2 in 12 innings.

Kansas City Royals win the series 4 games to 1. The Kansas City Royals win the World Series!!

Who do you think is going to win each Wild Card game? Each series?

(* = If Necessary)

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My guess is Toronto beat Saint Louis in seven games.

I'd love to see the Cubs finally get theirs.
But I think it'll be the Royals beating the Cardinals in 6.


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PAOerfulone said:

We have around 2 weeks left in the regular season, and the playoffs are quickly approaching.

So far it looks as though the teams are set.

AL East is up for grabs between the Blue Jays and Yankees
The Royals have all but completely clinched the AL Central.
And the AL West is a toss up between the Astros and Rangers, witht Angels not to far, but not looking to bright.

As for the National League:
The Mets are closing in on the NL East title.
The NL Central is a 3 team race between the Cardinals, Cubs, and Pirates.
And the Dodgers are about to seal the NL West. (SCREW YOU, DODGERS! - Sincerely, a die hard Giants fan)

And both Wild Cards are between:
AL - Yankees and Rangers, NL - Pirates and Cardinals.

So as the Postseason rolls around. Who do you think has the best chance to win it all.

Bold should of been the name of the thread. Also from a diehard Giants fan.

Also agree with Augen. Toronto probably has the best odds. 

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It's all good
3 rings right! ;)

Cardinals, wildcard, surely you mean the cubs.

Anyway, the Cards will win their division, go to their 4th straight LCS, and win WS against either the Royals and Jays


SocialistSlayer said:
Cardinals, wildcard, surely you mean the cubs.

Anyway, the Cards will win their division, go to their 4th straight LCS, and win WS against either the Royals and Jays

Oops, edited.
My bad. XD

The Cards are blowing smoke at this point. Anyone who picks them is either a fan, or just looking at the standings. They were taking names earlier on in the season but they're probably the fourth best team in the NL right now. Playoff baseball is about who is hot in Oct, not who has the best record.

Astros and Yankees WIld Card game is on!