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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Kansas City Royals: 2015 MLB World Series Champions!!!


Who has the best chance at winning the World Series?

Toronto Blue Jays 18 31.58%
Kansas City Royals 8 14.04%
Houston Astros 0 0%
New York Yankees 3 5.26%
Texas Rangers 0 0%
New York Mets 6 10.53%
St. Louis Cardinals 8 14.04%
Los Angeles Dodgers 4 7.02%
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 0%
Chicago Cubs 10 17.54%

That was one of the best postseason playoff games I've seen in recent memory!

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Special Alert!

After an heated battle, and with the help of a 3 run bomb off the bat of Jose Bautista, the Toronto Blue Jays defeat the Texas Rangers 6-3 to complete their amazing series comeback and advance to the American League Championship Series! They will face the winner between the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals!

SO much energy in the building during that victory! I was jumping up out of my chair watching it. No matter if we get KC or Houston we will be ready for them

#1 Amb-ass-ador

And finally!
The Kansas City Royals topple the Houston Astros by a score of 7-2. They advance to the American League Championship Series for the 2nd year in a row!

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It'll be the A.L. East Champion Toronto Blue Jays going up against the A.L. Central Champion/Defending American League Champion Kansas City Royals!!!!

Time to see if home field advantage matters.

I'd say it does. Since the two teams in the ALCS had home field advantage, albeit they lost it, but got it back and won it.
Should be an amazing series either way.
But I'm gonna say Royals in 7.

Looks like you guys are going to Kansas City... Kansas City here you come... (oooooo, Bop, Bop)

It's going to be an awesome series!
Blue Jays are scorching hot!
But I wouldn't underestimate the Royals. As a Giants fan, we faced them last year in the World Series, and I'll tell you first hand, they are TOUGH!
I'll say, out of all the remaining teams, they're by far, going to be the hardest to beat.
Jays got their work cut out for them. Should be an awesome series between two great teams!

Now we've just got Game 5 tomorrow between the Mets and Dodgers and the Postseason can switch gears!