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Forums - Sports Discussion - The Kansas City Royals: 2015 MLB World Series Champions!!!


Who has the best chance at winning the World Series?

Toronto Blue Jays 18 31.58%
Kansas City Royals 8 14.04%
Houston Astros 0 0%
New York Yankees 3 5.26%
Texas Rangers 0 0%
New York Mets 6 10.53%
St. Louis Cardinals 8 14.04%
Los Angeles Dodgers 4 7.02%
Pittsburgh Pirates 0 0%
Chicago Cubs 10 17.54%

The Final LDS Game is in the books.
Jacob deGrom outduels Zack Greinke as the Mets finish off the Dodgers once and for all, 3-2.
They advance to the National League Championship Series to take on the Chicago Cubs!

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And both Championship Series' are set.
Along with the Blue Jays and Royals on the American League Championship Series.
The Chicago Cubs and New York Mets will face off in the National League Championship Series.
The winners of both series will face each other in the World Series!!

Now that we're into both series!
Let's break down what's gone down.

The Kansas City Royals quickly go up 2 games to 0 over the Blue Jays
Game 1: 5-0 shutout
Game 2: 6-3 come from behind 3-0 deficit!
The Royals are not only hungry for a championship, but for redemption, and the Blue Jays are unfortunate enough to be in their way.
Can they quickly turn the tide as the series heads back to the SkyDome in Toronto!?

And the Mets take Game 1 from the Cubs in a 4-2 victory. They take a 1-0 lead into Game 2 tomorrow night.
Can the Cubs respond with Jake Arrieta on the mound?

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More updates!

The Mets, behind Daniel Murphy, rock Arrieta and the Cubs to take a quick 2-0 lead to Chicago.
Cubbies look to bounce back at home in Wrigley.

And the Blue Jays, after dominating most of Game 3, hold off a 9th inning comeback from the Royals to cut the lead to 2-1, and force a Game 5.

...Freaking Daniel Murphy man... He's giving me some serious Barry Bonds flashbacks!!

2 days worth of Games incoming!