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sethnintendo said:

Understandable.  I just watched the video and apparently it has sensors / moving parts in it.  Do you draw a lot?


Well, this is new.


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lots of people don't Know much about Special digital pen cost that isn't just make for ordinary touchscreen purpose...

Apple overpricing a product? EGADS?!

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The Fury said:

Are iPads better than a camera at taking a picture? Specialist items will always be better. Will it have the Wacom level of details on it or is it just an overpriced stylus for a touch screen computer?

Calling Wacom stuff specialist items is a bit too much.. only their most expensive stuff is top of the line.. The rest not so much.. Their stylus is fat, their stylus tips are awfull (you can actually buy replacements) and if your not buying the top of their line the quality isn't that great.. their Cintiq tablet are massive.. Apple is looking like to give something just as good at half the price.. Which is great case Wacom had no competition at all and always had high prices because of that 


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HokageTenshi said:

lots of people don't Know much about Special digital pen cost that isn't just make for ordinary touchscreen purpose...

Yea I am learning about a whole new world of digital accessories today because of this.

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most expensive stylus of all time? i don't know if apple fanboys would still buy this.

disolitude said:

Is this supposed to be clever or what?

As far as I know that's the original iPhone being talked about in the lame pic you posted, it was introduced when clicking on a screen with your finger didn't work well because resistive touch screens were the main technology used in devices that used a touchscreen. No one uses a stylus now to interact with their smartphones, Apple killed the stylus as we knew it back then and replaced it effectively with our fingers.

The new Apple stylus isn't used to interact with your device. It has its own purpose and its own apps. 

But haven't you heard, Apple products are not just Magic anymore - now they're EPIC.

I was ready to make fun of it, but it turns out it actually has some unique properties that improves its functionality compared to other similar products.I'm sure many people actually welcome such stylus, that price though they're totally ripping people off...