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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony says it’s ‘very likely’ more remasters are coming

Rogue Galaxy remaster please.

Never got to play it on PS2.

Edit: Along with Dark Cloud 1 and 2 :o!


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Siren Trillogy and Demon Souls please

pokoko said:
More games? Those bastards.

and its usually the best ones, and in higher resolution and running at better frame rates!

those evil bastards!

Resistance trilogy!

Ill just wait to play the remastered remasters on PS5 thanks.

in all seriousness Remake>Remaster.

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I just hope they are PS1 and PS2 remasters because I never owned those two consoles. I'll pass on anything PS3 though.

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Well Sony has more games worth remastering than the competition, so not surprising.

The Resistance trilogy, Motorstorm and Killzone 2/3 would be great.

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Sigh. This is getting pathetic really fast. I can't believe people actually support this.

If people weren't willing to put up with this crap, consoles nowadays would still have a thing called backwards compatibility.

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I could see them remaking Resistance (all of them), and (I really hope!) the R&C future games (including Nexus!). We also have B2S which is basically confirmed

Of course people will complain, but they really aren't remaking that much more than last gen. Last gen we got, from the top of my head, R&C collection, Sly Cooper collection, Jak & Daxter collection, GoW collection, ICO & SoTC and GoW Origins (PSP games) collection. That's 5.

This gen so far we have gotten TLOUR and NDC (soon at least). Then add B2S, Resisance and R&C, and we end up with...........5.