Forums - Sales Discussion - Why did the Xbox outsell the GameCube?

1. Halo
2. Sega Support after the dead of Dreamcast so they literally have all Sega fans supported the consoles
3. and PC player that jump into consoles (related to Halo actually)
4. Crazy promotion from uncle Bill Gates.
5. Proprietary disc on GameCube hold some third party support from western developer (not all but some )

6 Graphic performance

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Ryng_Tolu said:
Ruler said:

maybe because it had amazing looking exclusives like Shadow of the Collossus, Silent Hill 3 and Metal Gear Solid 3?

Metal Gear Solid 3 sold less than Melee or Sunshine.

Silent hill and Collossus was a niche games...

That's not the reason, what is the best seller on PS2? Grand Theft Auto...

The TRULY reason is just the marketing, the sales of the PS2 games confirmed this.

And the advertising thing is one of the main reason from a money standpoint Nintendo was makeing so much more profit than Sony in that
time span.

It's because of money !!! The same thing that kills Nintendo today hurt it then and that's advertising, Microsoft just spent billions to break into the market halo helps but its not the reason. People buy what they know and advertising did cost ms alot but it open the door into the console market despite not having the gamecubes better lineup! If only Nintendo would learn to spend more in advertising,it worked for splatoon!


Xbox made you cool, Gamecube got you teased and bullied.

nanarchy said:
dharh said:
Halo, hard drive, xbox live, dvd. It truly showed something _new_ and was not a gimmick. It had true enhancements to what we knew of console gaming. Despite that, it was a failure btw.

It wasn't a failure, it was hugely successful for them in terms of what their goals were. They never expected to make money or be the leading console, they were up front about that at the time which was pissing investors off big time as they were saying it was a long term bet and it worked.

Depends on how you define "worked". 

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Ridiculous fire sales with four or more games for the same price as the other consoles. Microsoft lost a lot of money just to make sure they could sell that many. And they could afford it.

Microsoft put huge amounts of money into the Xbox. That's another very important point, besides Live, DVD player and Halo. Microsoft basically bought its way into the market with billions of dollars of losses.

In direct competition, the bigger company wins most of the time because it has more resources. That's why making the NX like the other consoles would kill Nintendo. When the Xbox didn't sell well after launch, Microsoft quickly dropped the price and put more money into it. When the Gamecube didn't sell, Nintendo decided to sit things out to avoid losses.

Because of Halo 1 & 2.

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Halo and better (in terms of quantity) third party support.


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mysteryman said:

Xbox made you cool, Gamecube got you teased and bullied.

Good thing I was in college at the time.  Gamecube provided nothing but local multiplayer fun with Kart and Melee.  My gf at the time was addicted to Kart.


I played a game that was better than Halo and came out a few years earlier.  It was called Starsiege: Tribes.