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I think back and I find it strange how Xbox was able to sell more than the GameCube. The first-part games seem a lot stronger on the GameCube than the Xbox, and the third-party support for the GameCube was far better than the Wii U's today. It seems that several third-party games on the Xbox were also released on the GameCube.

I hope I don't like sound I'm bashing the Xbox, because I really do think it was a great console. But what was the reason for gamers chosing the Xbox over the GameCube?

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There's really nothing more to it.


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Ask him:

Halo was a phenomenon.

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A certain game...Not gonna say which game, just a certain game

Some will say the Xbox never really did outsell the GC.

They would be wrong.

Answe're is Halo.

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Well, in terms of profitability the XBox is the biggest console failure ever, but Halo did really help it sell more than the GameCube.

Ultrashroomz said:

Ask him:

Hey Chief, why did the Xbox outsold the Gamecube?

Chief: ..........

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