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I recently got a new MSI motherboard and a new graphics card. About 300 altogether. And then my CPU died and I had to get a new one. For me its fine, but for the average consumer, its too much money and too much effort get graphics that aren't miles ahead of consoles.

But the number one road block is the fact that you are on your own if something goes wrong. I can't tell you how many times I have had a game from steam... installed it and go to play but it throws an error. Every PC game comes with an array of fixes for crashes, bugs and whatnot. Consoles are much much simpler and cheaper.

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Random_Matt said:
Used to be a PC gamer, bought the best parts and spent so much money. Guess as i got older i never needed graphics to enjoy a computer game. I'm one of those people who believes if you do not buy the best parts for PC gaming, then there's no point.

Same here. Was probably spend around £1000 every 1-2 years keeping up with the best, but theese days I've realised im better saving the money for other things, After been a primarly PC gamer for the past 15 or so years I now spend most of my time on my Xbox One. The main reason I mvoed back to consoles was as much sat at my PC gaming no longer felt as fun as it used to be even if I tried using a gamepad the money I save is just a bonus.

It never started to begin with lol. Hopefully no one actually took that crap seriously.

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since the PS4 has launched I have only played Strategy (RTS and 4X) games on my PC.

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When a new console generation has arrived the differences are obviously smaller. Same thing happened with X360/PS3. But as time moves on PC will get a bigger and bigger advantage and PC versions will become the superior system again. We might even see very affordable PC APU's that match or exceed the Xbox One/PS4 within a year or two, making PC gaming more appealing than ever.

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I feel it's the opposite with more and more console games heading to PC.

That said, I never understood the fascination of spending lots of cash on your PC to get better visuals, etc.
It's not like you're going to remember those extra frames and pixels later. Especially when by todays standards, those games 7 years ago don't look good any more. And the cycle continues.

There is absolutely nothing on PC that interests me that I can't get on a console. Also, in addition to getting nearly all the major third-party games (MMOs and RTSs are about the only things that consoles seem to never get, and I've never been a fan of those genres), I get all sorts of games like Mario, Zelda, Halo, Uncharted, etc., that you can only find on consoles. The last game that was PC-exclusive that I cared for was Crysis, but that's so old now that even my rinky-dink setup can run it at decent settings. Before that the last PC game I played was Quake, and before that Doom II. I grew up on consoles and arcade machines. It's just the way I prefer playing games.

Besides, I've never felt like investing hundreds of dollars into my computer anyway. If I'm going to spend $1000 on a gaming platform, I'd rather just get all three consoles, that way I don't have worry about upgrades, game compatibility, and doing all the regular maintenance a PC needs. I mainly use my computer as an internet machine, with a bit of word processing, spreadsheets, and MS Paint work on the side, and even then I've had nothing but trouble from computers over the years. If it wasn't for the internet being a thing I wouldn't even have a PC. My current PC has been doing pretty well so far, but the historic hassles I've had with the machines and the fact that consoles have taken care of my gaming needs pretty damn well over the past three decades, PC gaming just isn't for me.

PC is like all substance, no style. You have better looking games, more options within said games to tweak things, no online paywall etc. But you lack style. It's the aesthetics of the experience that is completely missing. They have no identity. No feel...

There never was such a thing, anyway.

PC Master Race was a trend created by people to piss off console users because let's face it; they get riled up easily. In terms of possible specs; it is the most technologically advanced place to play, for a cheaper price, if you can be bothered to build and maintain your own rig; so if you take that out of the question than yes PC is the master race in terms of specs.. "The best place to play" depends on the individual's preference in games, but objectively in terms of specs, PC is the "Master Race."
But then you have devs like Rocksteady taking massive shits and calling them "ports" so idk depends on your viewpoint.

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