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Forums - PC Discussion - Are the "PC Master Race" days over?

@Pemalite Ha, Everquest is still going as well, still getting expansions after 23 years! EverQuest: Terror of Luclin is the twenty-eighth expansion pack to EverQuest. It was announced on the game's official website on October 12, 2021

Anyway, my ISP tops out at 100 mbps, sometimes goes over but more often provides less :/ So download speeds are just meh and streaming 4K video is not fun. Heck there are nights where Netflix drops down to 360p :( (At least the sound keeps going)

Funny, I always advocated for gsync / freesync type frame delivery. It just makes sense. But now I fear it will become a crutch to not bother optimizing as much anymore to deliver a stable frame rate. Which I find very important for racing. 60 fps is plenty, but it needs to be stable. I can easily adjust to input lag (switching tvs means I have to slightly adjust my brake points based on the visual feedback, but after a few laps I'm as fast as on the other tv again)

But the input lag has to be constant. Racing games (or at least GT Sport) use forward prediction to put competitors in your local time frame. (You race in real time, all others get adjusted to your local time) For that to work correctly, the game needs to know exactly when a frame gets displayed. That only works when it's on a set pace. When time between frames fluctuates, how do you predict how long it will take before the next frame gets shown. If it gets shown too soon, the competitors cars are too far ahead in that frame. If it takes slightly longer, the competitors cars are a bit behind.

Anyway for flying more fps is nice but in FS2020, more fps just draws more attention to all the flaws. Pixelated clouds, lod changes all become more noisy. TAA does benefit from higher fps but brings its own artifacts. While flying high fps doesn't matter at all as long as the glass cockpit remains responsive. After flying around the world at avg 20fps, Asobo did some magic so I got a lot more fps. It looked worse lol, more noise. Plus now it fluctuates more. I guess if you have enough hardware power you can 4x super sample, render 8K and down sample to 1080p for a stable picture.

As for audio, I did hear some improvements in 96khz and 192khz DTS MA. Not that I can hear those frequencies (and my speakers can't produce over 22khz either) but having the entire processing chain in 192khz before it gets converted to analog does make a little difference. It sounds better. Or its that more care was put into producing the high bitrate soundtrack. (Akira in 192khz sounds so clean and amazing. However the only thing to compare it to on the disc is the old Dolby Digital soundtrack which is a night and day difference. Need to have the remastered track in 48khz lossy DD to make a fair comparison) Games never went over 48khz afaik, plus many use compressed audio as well. So yeah, 3D positioning is the only boon to be had. It works sort of, some games do it better than others.

I've stepped out of that race as well, sticking to 5.1, not convinced by Dolby Atmos. Not enough to attempt to convince my wife we need a bunch more loud speakers in the living room lol. I'm happy with my B&W tower speakers setup.

My first impressions of Windows 11 are dire again. Just had another hour long support chat with MS after my kid's new laptop forced his existing MS account into a family group where he's now stuck. I've been through that nonsense before, it just doesn't work. Try to install Firefox, it says have to get permission from a parent. I get an email, I give permission, it says ok and still blocks installing anything. So I disbanded the family stuff last year, just a lot of hassle. And now its back :( (For unknown reason the new laptop needed my consent to use his MS account, which I gave with my MS account and now he has a restricted account again)

The support agent tried everything, just getting the same errors as me on the web end. And gave up after an hour, try again tomorrow. And now I have yet another MS account which takes 30 days to close again. (We set up a new account to act as organizer to try to disband the family that way) So further setup will have to wait.

(I would just make a new MS account if it weren't for Minecraft which forced itself on the MS account since the Mojang logins weren't good enough anymore. So all his Minecraft stuff is now tied to a restricted MS account, grrr. Things were so much easier before accounts!!!)

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To answer the ancient post by the OP: as long as people can build monster PCs that crush the specs of consoles, the "master race" will never die lol.

zero129 said:

I guess your kid is going to "Hate" PC's and complain about them just as much as you do when his older, ya know since you have him off to a good start already..

Like i said and ill say it again. Out of everyone on this site who is a PC gamer you seem to be the most unlucky (Now including your family it seems) person/people when it comes to PC's.

I guess it would have nothing to do with the fact your mainly a console gamer who likes to complain about PC's, while all the ones who doesnt seem to have as many constant problems and complaints with PC's on this site as you are mainly PC gamers who use consoles as secondary devices or dont use consoles at all..

Its almost like "Hey look i own a shitty old laptop, so im a PC Gamer i can now complain about PC's every chance i get" type of attitude. Kinda like a Xbox gamer or PC gamer who gets/has a PS3/4 so he can complain about the PS5 as much as he wants ya know since he is a PS gamer.. After awhile their complaints become old and clearly biased.

Nice theory, apart from the fact I hated consoles, tried to return the ps1 after trying TR2 on it and seeing how much worse it was than on PC. (The Netherlands doesn't do hardware returns, at least not in the 90s)

So you can blame it on 'Fame Megastore' on the Dam that refused to take the thing back, then it slowly won me over. Enough so that I spend 1200 guilders when the ps2 released. It still took until 2008 to change my primary method of playing video games.

It's not an old laptop, barely 3 years old. It is shitty already tough, but I probably cooked it during 3,000 hours of FS2020, keeping the thing at 80c and above. I just haven't replaced it yet since I see no reason why.

Anyway thanks for the reminder. It didn't work yet yesterday (still please try again later) but today I could remove my child's consent, remove him and myself from the family group. Gone with that stuff. Except now we're back to the original problem. He can't sign in, win 11 says he needs consent. You can skip it but it's saying it has to be done before July 11 (or else?) and other things won't work now. "There is a problem with your Microsoft account"

How can he use his computer without getting hassled. It worked on Windows 10.
Do you have any constructive advice since you seem to have luck with pc...


Your account has been locked We've detected some activity that violates our Microsoft Services Agreement and have locked your account. Yeah MS is not winning me over anytime soon.

And back to waiting on support as my landline cannot receive text messages to unlock the account.

And now it's fixed, but no clue how. After unblocking the account it now no longer asks for consent and it let me install stuff on his laptop.
Anyway, not a lot time lost today, been a good Microsoft day. Now I have a Watkins Glen race to catch on GT7 :)
(I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks, might just be the 'skip for now' period that makes it work, nobody knows)

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Omfg, it's locked again. I just clicked on my mail tab to check my mail, but somehow it was still linked to my kid's account from yesterday's ordeal. So it locked the account again??? WTF. My wife isn't home, so no mobile phone available to unlock it. (need text message).

What is Microsoft doing??? Why is signing in on a different laptop, in the same network, suspicious activity worthy of locking the account. Why can't it send an unlock code to my verification email. WTF Microsoft. Why can't I logout of his account. Where can I see what my laptop is all logged in to. I went back to outlook and see my email, I don't get it.

Another support chat later. They can't give me a reason why it keeps getting locked, but send me instructions how to set my laptop as a trusted device on his account which should fix it. That is after I get it unlocked again.

Not sure if this is because of Windows 11, or because of switching to Netgear Orbi mesh wifi system. I had no issues helping him with his account on my laptop when he was still on Windows 10. Now all of a sudden MS throws up all these hoops.

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