Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Jim Sterling talks about Nintendo's abysmal handling of Amiibos

I was surprised there wasn't a thread about this already. A lot of his complaints are pretty accurate. 

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i didnt watch it, but everybody wants them. people are lining up for them. sometimes making them scarce increases demand and it keeps nintendo in the news. the only thing that sucks is that u have to buy 1 for every game. even then nintendo just makes more money.

Meh, we've had enough complaining about amiibo around here lately. Theres really nothing new here. I've said my piece, and I think that the whole thing is overblown.

PS: As of the time of this writing, Inkling Boy has been available on Amazon for (at least) about an hour for MSRP

There probably wasn't a thread because it's not exactly news that the distribution of amiibos is too limited.

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Imagine a world where Nintendo gets their act together, and every amiibo becomes readily avaliable, with characters like Ness and Captain Falcon being as common as Pikachu.

Only in our dreams.

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He loves Splatoon!!

That´s all I care

Same feeling. I wanted some, but not enough to wait in line or pay 3x to a scalper.

Dat ending is gold!


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i thought this was pretty funny


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I do agree. For once, a nintendo product is selling very good, and yet their trying to be arrogant. Don't blow your chances, as it could really bite you in the back later.