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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why are so many games skipping the XBOX ONE?

I never really heard of some of those games and the title is really misleading making it look like X1 is missing some big sellers which isn't true.

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Nem said:
486 said:

nobody plays those. XBone is for quality stuff!

I'll raise you that to: Xbox exclusives aren't good because i'm not interested in them... i mean, i prefer quality stuff!

See how that sounds?

I guess the X1 japanese exclusives are pretty bad aswell. Because... logic.

Maybe they are right. Some of these are entries in long standing series but I guess even though they keep making them nobody is playing them, while everyone plays series that don't even get past one title like Alan Wake, Too Human, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, (for now) Ryse, etc.

Barkley said:
foodfather said:
Must be a joke thread. Nobody cares for any of these games. Keep the shovelware to other platforms.

Smfh. It's not blockbuster mainstream in the west so it's shovelware. Holy shit, it's worse than the people that piss all over indies.

Same here. Calling these games shovelware is all sorts of wrong.

Why buy PS4 junior when you can get the real deal?

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Because they are exclusive??

naruball said:
GamechaserBE said:
We also know that SE was not happy with TR sales and MS financial help convinced to make a new one =p. Moneyhatting/Funding in the end is the same only fanboys love to find a big difference between the two and fight about it.

Again further misinformation. This is getting out of hand. SE were not happy with TR sales after the first month the game was out. They made one statement publicly then and people took it and used it for years as if SE remained unsatisfied with sales. Not only were they happy with how well TR ended up selling but it exceeded their expectations. Here's a link so that this misinformation can stop spreading

You're welcome.

So where was I wrong? I not said they are not happy with TR sales but used was ;). 

Disgaea has never released on a home console other than PlayStations.

Nobunaga's Ambition home console versions haven't released on a system other than PlayStation since SNES (which is a shame, because the SNES had its best following.  The series almost never reaches the West now).

The real shame I think is Godzilla.  I was disappointed to hear this would be a Sony exclusive considering this was another series that peaked on a Nintendo platform (Godzilla:  Destroy all Monsters Melee on Gamecube).

Burek said:
Everybody already made a point in indies and Japanese games.
The question is:
Why is Far Cry 4 Complete Edition skipping XOne? Is that a beginning of a trend from western publishers?

In all seriousness, that may have been a moneyhat. Sony had marketing rights and PS4 exclusive content. 

TheObserver said:

Considering how similar the PS4 and XB1 are, it makes no sense to not make a XB1 port. 

Yet there's a ton of developers not making XB1 versions of their games. Looking at the upcoming games I saw the following:

Magicka 2

Ultra Street Fighter 4


J-Star Victory

Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

Legend of Kay


Deception 4

Risen 3

The Talos Princess

Nobunaga's Ambition

Samurai Warriors 4-II

Disgaea 5

And these are just the ones with confirmed release dates over the next couple months, The list gets worse when you also count stuff like Dragon Quest Heroes, Persona 5, Hellblade, Yakuza, etc. 

Sure we can keep pretending these don't matter cause they're not 10 million sellers, but the fact is people are buying the PS4 cause it has all these niche titles releasing every week and they appeal one section of gamers or another. MS needs to put more effort into enticing developers to release these games on XB1, Halo and gears will sell the console only to so many people most of whom probably already have it.

Really don't know the answer? Some Japanese/niche devs tried last gen on Xbox, it didn't work out. So they don't bother.

The fanbase of those games aren't on Xbox.