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Golden State Warriors 53 66.25%
Cleveland Cavaliers 27 33.75%

Noticed not many (if any) threads about this. I've been watching and loving the playoffs so far. Not much competition with most series (except 1) at 2 games to 0. But all of the games have been entertaining nonetheless. My pick for NBA Finals is a little bias as I'm from the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area originally, thus my heart lies with the home team Golden State Warriors. (who just so happen to be pretty good). As far as the East goes, It's hard to see anyone knocking off the Cavs... Although Boston has played them tough. The Wizzards have been very impressive taking 2 on the road in Toronto. As far as the rest of the West,  I like what the Grizzlies are doing a lot they might be the Warriors biggest threat right now, depending how the Spurs fare against the Clippers. 

In the end tho my final prediction. 



Winner: Warriors

MVP: Draymond Green

(off the wall pick with Draymon but just having fun and I think it could happen). 

What about you guys? Any NBA fans here want to weigh in with some predictions? 

Golden State Warriors 5/7
San Antonio Spurs 9/2
Los Angeles Clippers 5/1
Houston Rockets 8/1
Memphis Grizzlies 12/1
Dallas Mavericks 50/1
Portland Blazers 60/1
New Orleans Pelicans 150/1


Cleveland Cavaliers 1/3
Atlanta Hawks 16/5
Chicago Bulls 6/1
Washington Wizards 35/1
Toronto Raptors 60/1
Boston Celtics 200/1
Brooklyn Nets 300/1
Milwaukee Bucks 300/1

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The only two teams, in my opinion, capable of beating the Warriors in a seven game series are playing each other in the first round because of the NBA's shitty playoff scheduling. I honestly hope they change it to just picking the best 16 teams period; in no way influenced by division winners or conference. It's the most objectively fair way to do it.

For the East, Cleveland's biggest test will be the Bulls, which I think they'll beat so I got Warriors vs Cavs in the Finals with Warriors in 6. Steph will probably be MVP because I see no possible way he can't be.

I think Warriors and Cavaliers are making it to the Finals and I think the Warriors will win.

I'm thinking that its the Warriors year. I just can't see someone beating them 4 times. As crazy as it sounds I think that the only one who has a shot at it is the Spurs.

I like what I've seen from the Bulls though. They are a great dark horse.

I'm thinking Spurs vs Cavs for the final and hopefully Spurs will win.
The bulls problem is their health. They'll never be healthy.If they don't win it all this year they should break up the team and build a new one around Jimmy and Miriotic. Rose and Noah won't be healthy ever again.

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I'm hoping for a GS 4 - 3 Atlanta finals

They will know Helgan belongs to Helghasts

Spurs for it all, vs the bulls.

I love the Bulls and hope this is their year but seeing they keep getting injured. I would have to go with the more realistic Cavs vs Warriors which I think the Cavs will win. Unless of course, the Spurs or Hawks has something to say about it. ^^


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Beating the Warriors 4 times for any team is going to be almost impossible.