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Hello VGChartz! BIG POST incoming XD

Some days ago (around 3 weeks, ~20 days) I finally started my journey in Final Fantasy 7, considered by a lot of people the most iconic RPG game ever made and one of the best, if not the best, to ever grace us.
I started a thread about it when I'd just started the game and played a couple hours, so you can check my initial impressions there if you want to, here.

Now to this thread, as I've beated the game I'll now give you guys my final impressions about it, some aspects like music, gameplay and story, and will give a score between 0 and 10, but don't worry too much about the score, it'll only be there to give a final representation in a solid number form, I recommend reading the actual points I'll make here rather than only the score. But if you just want to see that please scroll down all over until the end of this post and do it.

As a final warning, this will probably contain SPOILERS about a lot of things of this game, even as I'll try to avoid giving too much detail about them, read it only if you don't think it can spoil it for you if you haven't yet played it or beated the game. Here we go!

The first aspect I want to talk about is the music.

Why? Because it's simply amazing. By far the aspect that most standed out to me. That doesn't mean the game lacks in other aspects, just how much I enjoyed the music in this game.
From the beggining to the ending, the music catched me, I often caught myself softly shaking my head in the musics rhythms, or making sounds to match it, yeah yeah, that's strange, but that's how it is to me, I loved it, I let it take the best of me
Final veredict: Masterpiece

The second aspect will be the gameplay.

I'll break it in 2 parts because there is a lot of factors involved on it.

First, the battle system. The battle system do offer us the options to take our time and think a little more, but I choose to play in the active and most quickly way, didn't disappointed me. Normal enemies battles were mostly very quickly and some stronger monsters would make you take your time killing them.
It's a traditional pick your action in a list and the character will execute it, but it was very customizable thanks to the materia system.
And what to talk about the materia system? It was a really fun experience to me, it makes you wanna think in a lot of strategies and open a whole lot of possibilities, and that's great, but at the same time it has a flawn, the characters lack a solid distinction between each other because you can just move materias from one to another. It was one of the few things that I didn't liked that much about the whole game, but was one serious thing. Mostly it would't matter much what character I would pick, I could get all I wanted with every single one of them. Gladly they had a way of giving the characters some form of personality while in battles, and that was the limit break system. A really nice system of "specials" characters had that were unique to them, sadly the way to get new ones was not the best, Kill X enemies and use the previous one on that level to open the next, then find the final one in some place and teach it to your character if it had already learned all the others... well, it was a nice touch to the battles at least. And last the customization, that was great with all the materias and equipments, with a very good amount of unique weapons of top of that.

Second, the world and its content. One thing I really loved when on the first disk was the world map. It was a nice one, and I couldn't wait to see the other two... that actually do not exist. While I enjoyed a lot the way you go getting new vehicles to explore new places, I can't deny the fact that when I beated the first disk and realized that would be the whole world... it made it a little sad. On top of that, the third disk is only one cave. That's all new that we get there, the second disk at least offered me some places I couldn't go in that map and a good amount of content, but the third disk lacked really badly. I know that if they just couldn't make it all fit in two disks that was necessary, but that was really strange to me. Anyway I enjoyed it so much until the second disk that I'll not make a case about this xD. The exploration was amazing, there were a lot of minigames and even as they do add a lot to the game I felt it was a little out of place at some times, not that it was bad or anything, just that they were trying to do too much different things in the game. It's not really a complaint, they were mostly fun, but... heh. I really enjoyed my time there in the world map with the chocobos, the buggy, the boat/plane, the airship and the submarine.
Final Veredict: Great

The third aspect will be the story.

The story had its always goods and bad times (really it start so confusing and sometimes the characters were talking and doing things I didn't had a clue why, but well after in the game it would get understandable, but damn, sometimes it just felt strange xD), but I can't deny it was good. I enjoyed the characters a lot and the actual plot was also good, but the characters standed out more to me. What they might have lacked in personatily while in battle they had a lot going in the story. And Sephiroth is a really cool vilain as well XD. I don't want to give any details as it is not a short story, but yes, I enjoyed it a lot.
Final Veredict: Really Good

The fourth aspect will be the graphics.

Even as I'm not a fan of that blocky characters, they were a lot better in battle. What I liked a lot were the backgrounds, there was some really cool places and they were very nice to pass by, I actually enjoyed the game visually a lot because of them. And them we have the cutscenes.
One thing that impressed me was how I was in one place them did something and them BLAM! The static scenario just started moving in a beautiful way. Like when we take the elevator at Junon, or the vehicle to pick us and get us to the Gold Saucer, that was really cool! It would involve our blocky characters there as well! But as far I can tell (I know nothing about technical things so don't kill me if I'm wrong xD), there were 2 totally different kinds of quality in those cutscenes, were there were simple ones involving our blocky characters and all and others with totally amazing graphics and the characters with actual human (or animal) proportions and at least to me they felt a lot more polished and well worked, as the ending cutscene and the one with Cloud bringing Aeris to the lake. There were more of them but they were the minority. Also, some of the monsters, specially the Weapons and some Summons were really nice! Even being all blocky in battle XD (sadly we don't fight the Summons to get them like in FF12... really, it would be amazing!)
Final Veredict: Mixed, between Good, Great and Impressive (gameplay, backgrounds and CGs)

The fifth aspect, and the last one, will be the difficulty.

While I didn't went against the Ruby and the Emerald Weapons (I'll try it sometime later, I wanted to enjoy the game right now), and I killed everything else that I saw, I'm tempted to say the game is easy. I didn't lost a single battle (outside of the Battle Arena) so in fact I don't even know how is the Game Over screen on that game! I played it in the active mode and as it's obvious it was my first time playing the game, so maybe it's not that hard. Even so it doesn't mean I didn't had a problem while fighting, just that it was nothing enough to best me. I did avoided the game two super bosses (thanks to my old friend to spoil me about them for ages XD), but that's not what I consider to be part of the normal difficulty of the game. In fact Sephiroth in the end gave me a hard time (damn that Super Nova magic was strong, and long...) and his last attack left my entire part with 1 of HP (I can't remember the name of the attack) but he just died in the next attack before I'm being even able to lose some char or cure them XD.
It did challenged me in some points (that monsters in the sunken airship surely tried), but that's a particular thing about any game, some games want to be super hard, others super easy, others something decent or mixed, I can't judge it, but I liked the difficulty.
Final Veredict: Enjoyable yet Challenging at some points

So that's about it guys, I'm sorry if it was to much for you guys to read or if I didn't made it very pleasable to do so, lacking a good pace, line of thought or because of the english mistakes I'm sure it'll be filled with XD. I tried my best to do it short and pass my impressions to you! I hope you enjoyed it.

And to the ones who came all this way, or just scrolled down here quickly to see it my score is: 9.5/10

I simply loved the game and I understand why it's one of, if not the favority game of a lot of you guys. I strongly recommend it if you have not played it!

Thank you all.

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You have good taste.


Congrats for finishing it!, you are now a part of the cool kids =P. and one of those gamers who are able to enjoy all games regardless of how old they are.

Second best Final Fantasy only behind IX, although it's a bit lame that there are so few differences between characters (all of them can equip any materia, so they are virtually the same in battle). Minigames were mostly miss. Character models were poor even for its time. Not much wrong with the rest.

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
You have good taste.

Thank you, I really enjoyed the game

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estebxx said:

Congrats for finishing it!, you are now a part of the cool kids =P. and one of those gamers who are able to enjoy all games regardless of how old they are.

Thank you XD
I had a ton of fun with it, just crazy people would not enjoy that game

You have to give it a try too Esteban!

RolStoppable said:
Second best Final Fantasy only behind IX, although it's a bit lame that there are so few differences between characters (all of them can equip any materia, so they are virtually the same in battle). Minigames were mostly miss. Character models were poor even for its time. Not much wrong with the rest.

I just beated the game so I'm a little biased to it right now

But I still think I enjoyed Final Fantasy 12 more. While I spent 50 hours now on FF7 I spent over 100 on FF12, and I really enjoyed the Espers fights and the guild hunts as well!

Agree with you on everything except the story! It was convoluted and the motivation for the villian was... stupid? I'd say it was ok.... The thing that really saves the story is the characters, they are pretty good.

Now go and add FF 8 and 9 to your backloggery!

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You cheated on Legend of Dragoon with Final Fantasy?


Congrats on completing one of gamings greatest treasures! How did you like the character development; particularly with Cloud?

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