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Forums - Gaming Discussion - February NPD 2015 predictions thread


Who will be best 8 gen sales?

3DS 57 22.18%
PSV 10 3.89%
Wii U 6 2.33%
PS4 170 66.15%
XBO 14 5.45%

PS4: 230k
XB1: 160k
Wii U: 70k

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PS4: 260k
XB1: 160k
Wii U: 69k
3DS: 275k
Vita: 30k


PS4: 250k
XB1: 190k
WiiU: 70k
3DS: 280k
Vita: 25k

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PS4: 290k
XB1: 190k
WiiU: 75k
3DS: 260k
Vita: 40k

PS4 320
X1 130
wiiu 70

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i wonder why most of you predicting under 300.000, February is not the same from January and this already the second February year for next gen consoles, Unless there are some uncontrollable factor that influence people mind to buy the console, console sales attach rate shall increase year by year.

mandatory bump because now we know the first week of N3DS: around 175,000 just in a week.

PS4: 240k
Xbox One: 130k
Wii U: 59k
3DS: 290k
PS Vita: 32k

Ps4 235k
XB1 135k
Wii U 54k
PSV 28k
3ds 230k

Kerotan said:
Ps4 235k
XB1 135k
Wii U 54k
PSV 28k
3ds 230k



I understand the people that have predict 230/250 k for 3DS before the Nintendo number's, but now, now that have CONFIRMED 175,000 for the new version only (and only in a week), you still think so low? How is possible?

First week: 10k

Second week: 180k

third week: 30k

fourth week: 10k


That is how much MUST sell for 230k prediction...