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Forums - Gaming Discussion - February NPD 2015 predictions thread


Who will be best 8 gen sales?

3DS 57 22.18%
PSV 10 3.89%
Wii U 6 2.33%
PS4 170 66.15%
XBO 14 5.45%

3DS: 350,000
PS4: 300,000
XBO: 210,000
Wii U: 90,000
PSV: 35,000

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Today is the day!Last chance to predict guys!
Although most here did it days ago with vgc's numbers being three weeks behind!:P::P:P:P:P:P

220k ps4 180k x1

psv 1 trillion

Poll result:
3DS: 20.16% of vote
PS4: 67.9% of vote.