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Forums - Website Topics - Who do you look up to and admire on VGChartz?

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Rol, for a long commitment of trolling the mod team.

JayWood, for a long commitment to the Xbox community.

Seece, for his commitment towards sales numbers.

Boutros, for the commitment and effort put into the NPD threads.

Pezus for his post count.

Anyone who is or has been head mod, who puts up with an immeasurable amount of shit on a daily basis.

badgenome for being badgenome


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Some from the Xbox Empire

Oh and the guy above me, Carl2291.^^^

Proud to be a Californian.

axumblade said:
bananaking21 said:

who doesnt?

Stupid mods. They make me look bad. 


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pbroy, Kowenicki, and MohammadBadir. I used to look up to some members of the mod team but not anymore.


NNID: FrequentFlyer54

Slade - Gamer first, platform second
Pwervlvlamy - Humorous and doesnt take things too serious
Bananaking - Hilarious
Carl - Mod that doesnt take things too serious
Seece - Objective
Kowen - Incredibly Smart with sales numbers
SneakyTriangle and Kevinsdb - Two of my best friends that you all scared away.
Ryuu - How in the world he scavenges the net ill never understand
Pezus - Always respected him until he became Ninsect.
pbroy - Funny guy and is really nice
FusionCode - Objective and insightful

Honestly there is a lot of people i really like on this site and it would be a long list if i named every one of you

I may have the rep of Xbox but i pay attention to all your guys posts and do play all platforms. If i like or dislike you it has nothing to do with your preferences but more with your posting style.

PS: The Legend of Heroes is a good game.  Playing it right now actually


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JayWood2010 said:

SneakyTriangle and Kevinsdb - Two of my best friends that you all scared away.

Not my fault, I swear!!

MoHasanie said:
I used to look up to some members of the mod team but not anymore.

That saltiness will wash off eventually. I got mad when I got a warning for saying that the 360 doesn't play Blu-ray movies in a MGS3 thread. I was trolling the truth, but whatever. outlaw helped me get over it. The mods are way better now and don't let bias cloud judgement, compared to back then. 


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence
Wright said:
JayWood2010 said:


Not my fault, I swear!!

Nope!  It was 100% all you ;P lol jk

It was actually the XBLG thread for Sneaky and Kevin just thinks forums are dumb filled with fanboys.  Theyre both multiplat gamers that prefer PC and find the arguments dumb. 


well i do enjoy talking to some users here although mostly to BraLoD since we have a similar taste and opinions on games, that being said i do look up to him and other users like Wright, Tachikoma, Jizz Beard the Pirate, Vivster and Zekkyou because i really enjoy reading their comments they are either really funny or very informative and sometimes even both.

also i do look up to all the mods as well, i think they do an awesome job at keeping the site free of trolls, fanboys etc. great job!.

Not really looking up to anyone, but Rol writes the best posts imo.
I don't really understand why he isn't a mod yet...

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