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Forums - Website Topics - Who do you look up to and admire on VGChartz?

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Not really "look up" kind of thing, but my 2 favourites:

ethomaz and toastboy

Where are these homies nowadays?

“Ore no... Kachi da!”

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axumblade said:
bananaking21 said:

who doesnt?

Stupid mods. They make me look bad. 

Agreed, the mods here are in terrible shape.

one has a clear case of schizophrenia where he sometimes thinks he is a human being, and some times thinks he is that humans pet dog (and ugly dog, that is btw)

another is so out of touch with reality that in some level deep inside him he believes that there will be a good sonic game in the future. 

another is so unimaginative he had to user his real name for a username, but dont worry, he added a bunch of numbers to throw you off, make it look like a random username. 

One has it so bad that he thought arguing in that ridiculous "Unity" thread with johnlucas is something a sane person would do

one is so delusional that he thinks spyro might make a return... ha! thats a good one. 

one is in such a poor state that he thinks asking dating advice from NikkoM is a good idea. 

and the rest are so insignificant that i cant even remember them to mock them.

yet the worst is that mod who thinks all these poor excuses are making him look bad, not the other way around. 


In all seriousness, I value the opinion of Rol, Zekkyou, Curl-6, and Golden Boy. Also noteworthy is Fatslob and Tachikoma, both have good input but can be a bit abrasive.

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Anyone who's never been banned, and the mods, because being willing to be a mod is a tough thing to take on.

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I look up to TruckOSaurus. He's 6'5".

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bananaking21 said:

another is so out of touch with reality that in some level deep inside him he believes that there will be a good sonic game in the future. 

*stops staring at Sonic shaped clouds in the sky*

Did someone say something? I guess not, tra la la la la laaa!

*goes back to writing Sonic fanfiction for DeviantArt*

But seriously, The Fury is my hero.

*checks thread for my name*... oh well. d21lewis I guess, he seems to have his head on straight.


And Smeags for obvious reasons.

Hmm, pie.

Ka-pi96 said:
amp316 said:
I look up to TruckOSaurus. He's 6'5".

Is he really? :o Trucks is huge!

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