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Forums - Website Topics - Who do you look up to and admire on VGChartz?

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the three jesters: badgenome, d21lewis and Nikkom I'm happy that they are all actively posting again.

Other than that i look up to the guys who actually play games and dont just sit around trying to be famous on forums

Munkeh (almost forgot you bro!)
Joethebro (boss man!)

and the old guard:


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Smeags. Quite an easy answer for me really. He was my first friend on the site, he's the guy I've spoken to the most and he's helped encourage me to be more comfortable and to come back to the site after I left. Without him I probably wouldn't be here, and I definitely wouldn't be the guy I am today.

Then, ofcourse, I became a mod and he's an awesome head mod to boot!

That doesn't mean there aren't a lot of awesome users, but I don't "look up" to many people.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Seece because he is the voice of reason. Very objective and calm.

He was the only one who stood up to all these crazy and out-of-control Wii U predictions.

Myself, since nobody else does

In all seriousness, there are several users including curl-6, Conegamer and Smeags. All of which are users who've inspired me to become a better user :)
I've come a long way from the angry Nintendo fanboy I once was :P

Ahh... Curl-6 I guess. Seems like I have to, everybody else does =P

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Wow, never realized I was so well liked here! Shucks.

And especially by Tachikoma; this may be my autism showing but I always got the feeling I annoyed her, among others. XD

There are many users who help make this one of my favourite online communities, but I particularly appeciate Zekkyou for being unerringly reasonable and level headed, and Rol for being so freaking hilarious. Special mention also goes to the mod team; despite having been banned five times, I maintain that I deserved all but one of them. ;)

website creator guy i guess.Don't really follow a user by user basis.

RolStoppable said:
I look down on the mods.

who doesnt?

I look up to lord lichtenstein and kyleestrutt for making graphs etc

I am always impressed by those individuals who take a great deal of time and effort to run informative threads and provide detailed coverage, illustrations and links in the forums on various events concerning the gaming industry without bias or opinion. Their efforts and presentation create a great arena for excitement and discussion.

I have a lot of respect for people who know the subject they're talking about and can discuss it fairly and reasonably with sources to back them up, and without antagonising those who oppose their argument or point of view. That's something I admire and always strive to be able to do.

And of course, there are many entertaining members here, who's contributions are always fun to read.

I'm not going to name any names, because I'm bound to leave someone out. But they - and everyone - will know who they are.