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Slade - Gamer first, platform second
Pwervlvlamy - Humorous and doesnt take things too serious
Bananaking - Hilarious
Carl - Mod that doesnt take things too serious
Seece - Objective
Kowen - Incredibly Smart with sales numbers
SneakyTriangle and Kevinsdb - Two of my best friends that you all scared away.
Ryuu - How in the world he scavenges the net ill never understand
Pezus - Always respected him until he became Ninsect.
pbroy - Funny guy and is really nice
FusionCode - Objective and insightful

Honestly there is a lot of people i really like on this site and it would be a long list if i named every one of you

I may have the rep of Xbox but i pay attention to all your guys posts and do play all platforms. If i like or dislike you it has nothing to do with your preferences but more with your posting style.

PS: The Legend of Heroes is a good game.  Playing it right now actually