Forums - Gaming Discussion - Anyone see any good reason why GTAV's(PS4/X1 editions) meta is higher than Smash U's?

JazzB1987 said:

Because the industry.

TLoU has 18 fps gets GOTY

Sonic Boom (obviously not the better game here but still) also has a bad framerate but this game does get a "contra point" called "choppy framerate". (OR if not TLoU compare it to AssCreed Unity or any other game that is semi-unplayable) but I guess if you have to pay for your own review copy then criticizing framerate is okay....

COD never gets a "contra" for being "too similar" Skyward Sword got one even if its one of the more different Zelda games (linearity focus on motion controls. Pretty story driven. The overworld kinda being dungeons on their own) . Good job gametrailers!

I wonder if GTA5 on current gen will get a better score than the last gen version. In theory it cannot because the industry always said "its old cant get a better score" to everything that was rereleased so far.
But actually it has to get a better score. It does look better it has more content it does not have shit framerate that kills the precition of the controls like last gen had.

But whatever review scores are arbitrary opinions partially influenced by $$$ partially influenced by agendas or randomly rolled by dice.

Tbh if you want a review that is as legit as a "professional" review. Go buy a "fake dice" that always rolls 6. And then buy a real one roll it and add the random number to the 6 of the fake one. (reroll if 5 or 6 was rolled on the real dice)

Edit: just found out even the PS4 and XBO versions cant sustain 30 FPS.    FAIL....

The Last Of us had a few instances where it would drop to the upper 20s. The entire game doesn't play like that, however, and reviewers noted that it was evident that the system was pushed to its max. That's completely different from a game that has points docked for being blatantly incomplete. It was GOTY for what it brought to this very industry.

In this case, none of those things are relevant because GTA is simply rated higher because it has a better average of review scores. It's not, at least to me, because it is: "just the better game".


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padib said:
Sensei said:
Angelv577 said:
Can't you just be grateful that it's the highest rated fighting games ever or one of them. Arguing for few extra meta points is just insane.

Well, except Smash is not a fighting game.

Then what is it?

Platform/action. Not fighting.

tbone51 said:
Angelv577 said:
Can't you just be grateful that it's the highest rated fighting games ever or one of them. Arguing for few extra meta points is just insane.

Good post, especially when This years highest rated games arent even that high overall. SSBU getting a 92-95 is great either way, and GTA5+SSB getting comparisons is a little weird for a direct head to head comparison.

SSB vs SF vs PSASBR  or GTA vs Watchdogs is more appropriate

exactly, comparing a GTA game with Smash is pointless.

radha said:

Really? Smash can only compete when it comes to gameplay, has no story, worst graphics, worst ST and less features, so really, why would is get a better review than GTAV? I personally, as a fighting game player find smash to be a button mashing fest that can't be take seriously, so not even as a fighting game is really a big deal. It is a big deal to Wii/Wii U owners because there are only nintendo games on those consoles.

Well, I have a lot more fun with Smash and play it longer.

And before you criticize, yes I played GTA V and I think it is OK but not great. Smash 3DS has already much more hours of fun. Smash WiiU will probably not worse.

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Pavolink said:
Because overrated games/franchises exists.

And this thread is about two of them.

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Maybe GTAV is better?

Reviewers go crazy for gta. It's always been that way.

I'd rate 360's gtaV a 8/10. There are still things I dislike about the series.

Despite a budget which puts most big games to shame the combates still far from great (But much better than past GTA's). Trying to go from mission to mission can sometimes make the overworld feel like the most slugish and convoluted level select ever. It plays like a series of little peaks of great excitement doted through a repetitive, limited, and eventually boring overworld. I got sick of the game long before I finished it, but to be fair it is a large game. Though I liked the main characters interactions, and it helped me get drawn into the game and it's missions, the humour (Like with past GTA's) doesn't work for me.

I do think it's a great game (as I say 8/10). I am only stressing the negative here because of the insane love it gets.

I don't think metacritic or reviews for that matter tell the whole story. Critics are driven by the industry. It's GTA and is a very popular franchise so it has to get at least 90 regardless. Not to mention games for XB1 and PS4 so far have been kinda lack luster so far. I mean look at the score TLoU remake got. So popularity and hype play into the reveiwers scores I'm sure. Smash still has a chance to get a higher or even a lower score since only 15 reviews have been submitted so far. In all honesty, I think too many games are getting inflated scores based on popularity but that's just my opinion.

The PS3/X360 version got 96+ so it would not make sense for the next gen version to be scored any less, unless it was particularly buggy.

Smash U is getting really good reviews though, impressive.

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On topic, GTAV offers more than Smash U in my opinion.

Well-crafted story and dialogue, solid mechanics, expansive open-world with many sidequests and distractions, a lengthy single player campaign, online mode with even more stuff to do.

The two games don't compare well, they aren't even the same genre. It comes down to personal taste obviously.

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