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    Eurogamer: PS5 and Xbox Series X Spec Leak.

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 January 2020

    I'll myself go with the most powerful console, I'm a sucker for graphics but I prefer the PS5 with sony exclusives but who knows ms could surprise us with something new. ...

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    Your game of the decade (2010-2019)

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 January 2020

    Zelda BotW is my favorite of the decade, I finished it like 2 times and there was just something special about this game, so much to do in it. I really loved Uncharted 4 awesome game finished it and was one of my favorite in the last decade. Bloodborn I gave up on the game as I don't game as much anymore but it was certainly a very special game, finished most of it but didn't got to the last...

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    When Will We Get a Joy Con With A Real D-Pad?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 April 2017

    I actually love the joycon controller, at first it felt small and a bit weird but then it grew on me being so light makes it more comfortable in the long run. I actually prefer it for some reason than my ps4 controller which feels heavy now....

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    Which Game Will Win The Most GOTY Awards, Based on What We've Seen So Far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2017

    Zelda is hard to beat, I'm not sure if anything is gonna top it. Excellent game, a bit disappointed myself story wise with only a few dungeons but there's so much to do in the game its pretty awesome....

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    Did Breath Of the Wild's Story Live Up To Its Potential?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2017

    I would have like a few more dungeons as part of the story, there is lots to do in the game but still a big short on the real story....

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    The Switch Midnight Shoppers: The Midnight and Day 1 Switchers Group - Impressions?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 March 2017

    Going tomorrow to see if they have any. Nothing online right now. I hope I will find one as I pre-ordered Zelda, there was a sale on it when I pre-ordered it....

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    Looks Like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Development Is Finished

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2017

    I pre-ordered it, but can't find a switch to pre-order yet in Canada. Hope its back in stock soon :D My kids are gonna love it....

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    If Nintendo Switch fails this will be Nintendo last console.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 November 2016

    Maybe its the console that will flick the switch off to console market....

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    Titanfall campaign my review - no spoiler

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 November 2016

    Well I just finished playing through the campaign and boy was this amazing. I wish it would have been longer. For some reason I stopped gaming for a few years, got bored with single player campaign and my favorite last gen was Uncharted 2 for its story and action. I even stopped playing Uncharted 4 lol. Titanfall 2 is the new thing this gen but I have to say the graphics are not as good as some...

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    If Nintendo Switch fails this will be Nintendo last console.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 November 2016

    I don't feel it will do well, personnally I'm not really interested in the switch....

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    Somebody excited to play skyrim again?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2016

    Wondering which one is superior, the xbone or ps4. I know the xbone can have more mods but not sure about graphics and performance. Maybe I should build a pc......

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    What are you most looking forward in 2017 - Console Gaming - Keep it positive

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 October 2016

    I hope for a new elder scroll game. Been a while we got a proper elder scroll game. I really loved oblivion, wish they would have remastered it. Although I'm considering building a pc nowadays, as console games are expensive and the cost of a game on pc is normally cheaper with better graphics. So I'm realizing that a pc after you saved on buying games is the same price or less than a console...

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    Nintendo Switch, what did you like, and what did you dislike?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 October 2016

    I don't like the switch personally. I love the WiiU for being different with the dual screen etc. Now its just like every other console when you use it as a console. Being portable is nice but that controller just looks awful. Btw how are you supposed to play splatoon without the dual screen ? Seems to me its just a mediocre console and a mediocre handheld. I wished they would bring 3D games...

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    If Donald Trump is elected, how long until he invades and conquers Canada? Would you support it?

    in Politics Discussion on 13 June 2016

    Well he is right that it was stupid to invade those countries and even more stupid, on top of that, to let other countries to take all there resources. I personally better like Trump than Clinton and no he won't invade Canada that would be ridiculous....

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    Homefront The Revolution drops to 15fps on consoles, runs smoother on Xbox One

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 May 2016

    Well its 1080p on PS4 and 900p for xbox one so its all normal here....

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    The WiiU was not the evolution of the Wii, it was...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 May 2016

    Most likely build on the idea of the DS with motion controls. I loved the WiiU....

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    Uncharted 4 - Aldro's Review

    in Sony Discussion on 15 May 2016

    Game is amazing, got it today, couldn't stop playing. The visuals are probably the best I have seen to date and the story is great, lots of action. Uncharted 3 kinda left me disappointed for some reason because Uncharted 2 was so great but 4 is certainly on par with 2 till now and that's a very hard thing to do....

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    Prediciton: NX will be....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 May 2016

    It will most likely be more powerful than the ps4, the thing that would work is implement 3D into gaming which would be amazing....

    Write 85

    18 minutes of Uncharted 4

    in Sony Discussion on 06 April 2016

    Game looks awesome, the details in it is like nothing I have seen yet. Love the sound effects too....

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    The Quantum Break Metacritic/review thread, Current meta: 77

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 April 2016

    Considering the game is less than 10hrs and the cutscenes looks like they suck personally I'm gonna pass. The Darksouls 3 reviews are up as well so I'll probably spend my money on that one....

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