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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mewtwo is on his way to Smash

Mewtwo has been announced to be joining Smash. He is scheduled be available spring of next year and be available to people who buy both versions as a free download

are you excited?

do you think we will get more characters?

Edit: You can just watch the video and decide for yourself :)

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.....If Mewtwo coming back, maybe Wolf may come back as well :)

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And with that the Wii U version may be save in Japan :v

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I don't think they'll stop here. I wonder how Roy and Pichu feel. The only Melee guys left out. Young link is basically Toon Link now. Maybe Roy will return.

I still can't wrap my head around the fact that they announced Mewtwo. I thought the character roster was complete!

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Hopefully they will include him as a DLC down the road, as I most likely will never own the game for 3DS.

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In spring 2015... Wtf? Oh well, least I will get both so take that all ya'll single platform smash players! Muahahha


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I think its kinda sad that one of the only "thank yous" for having both versions is 1 character that will release next year lol.

Having all 3DS stages on WiiU (for offline play only) would have been something awesome. But I guess Mewtwo is better than nothing.

Yes. This is fantastic. More characters later? I think so.

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