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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who thinks the Halo franchise is over rated?

I think is a lot overrated.

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Red Faction and Halo both came out the same year. Red Faction was by far a better single and multiplayer game. Red Faction should have become what halo has. So yes it's overrated.

Right here *takes a sip of a cup*

I despise every Halo game. If you compare it with PC games, there's about a billion better than Halo. If you compare it with console games, all you need is GoldenEye/Perfect Dark/TimeSplitters, made by the ultimate console FPS team. If you think Halo is the game that made FPS games successful on consoles, you're too young to remember GoldenEye, and if you think Halo is the best FPS of all time, then you're too stupid to use a mouse and keyboard. If you think Halo brought a SINGLE new thing to FPS gaming, then please do me a favor and first person shoot your brains out.

My biggest gripe (of many) is the regenerating armor. That's bullshit and ruins the game for me. The player who can get a kill quicker can regenerate every time and never die, making the game completely ridiculous in a 1 on 1 context. The faster player will get every kill ever. This has happened to me, and I've done this to other people. Either way, it's just not any fucking fun. Don't give me that "Oh well Halo's not for 1 on 1 games, it's for groups" crap, because Team Fortress 2 or CS would like to have that argument with you instead of me. I'm drunk as hell. Goodnight!

DEFINITELY. I live in America, and I HATED how last year people were like:

"But it's HALO 3, the best game ever OMGZ! must go spend $460 to play it."

I mean yeah, it's a pretty good game, but it is VASTLY overrated, probably due to being a premier title for XboxLive.

If you consider yourself a HARDCORE gamer, and think that Halo is "The best game ever", you are a true POSER.

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Yes. Its overrated.

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The soundtrack is amazing ... the gameplay is avarege and the graphica rae on the good side , but still not the best ... yes it is overrated . A game that IMO is in the 8 region ....

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I personally think a majority of old school PC Gamers (Duke 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament) think Halo is overrated... I've talked to many PC Gamers both online and RL, and majority of them agree...Then you got Console gamers who don't agree... mainly because most console gamers haven't played PC Games...but of those console gamers who have played PC games would agree with me

I personally love Halo's single player, I think its on par with the hype...But as far as Halo's Multiplayer, I think its very overrated, a bit too slow and just doesn't compare to the fast pace in your face UT/D3D/HL/Quake series...

I think the reason it gets so much hype is because there hasn't been any good 3D Shooters on the console at all until Halo came out (Mostly because a console couldn't handle a 3D Shooter nor did the control feel right)

I'm not saying a PC is better, I actually prefer console gaming even though I grew up playing on the PC back in the LSL/PQ/SQ/KQ days :)... Obviously PC's have better control, but I prefer the comfort/conveniance of a couch/big tv... even if that means sacrificing control/accuracy

Another reason I think Halo is so hyped is because console games get heard more then PC games

By the simple fact: There are a lot more Console Gamers then PC gamers... You can give a 5 year old a console and he'll learn how to play the games easy...and its easy for a parent to give their children a console for a christmas/bday present compared to a gaming rig

Where you can't really give a 5 year old a PC and expect it to learn to install a game/know what vidoe card to get/etc...I think the age to start PC gaming is maybe 13?

I think beause theres more console gamers, those games get recognized more

Anyway, dont attack me too much! Im simply speaking of expereince from local/online gamers ive talked to, its probably different with most of you...especially since this site is full of Console gamers, so im sure 99% of you will be quoting me telling me how wrong i am lol :D

@MattAAron I don't agree with you on the point to learn PC gaming you will learn PC controls really fast on most of the PC games I completed Starcraft on an age of 6 and that game was hard.

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Speaking from experience, I can agree with you Duke of Darkness, but I think for a majority of kids, its a lot easier to learn a controller compared to a keyboard at an age of 5

I'm sure we can all learn it pretty fast with experience, but im just going off most people... then again, my neices play kids games on my Xbox all the time...yet, they play games on the PC (website games like with the keyboard all the time, and they are 5-7...So I guess your right lol nevermind :)