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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who thinks the Halo franchise is over rated?

well i liked halo1 but didnt found it revolutionary, that kinda made me dislike the others that didnt change a thing.

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I bought it, but I'm not a huge fan. It's fun, but there are better shooters out there. It has great mechanics, but just feels a little "dated."

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If you mean by franchise, it just earned it's name for being overrated because it was supposed to finish the fight at halo 2. Technical side it almost looked like R:FoM except halo 3 was released a year after so why didn't it at least look like As Creed.

Another example....

The ever so popular and most overrated game FF series. It's either their innovations that pins down the game or the game pins down the innovation. But give 'em something they tried...

Depends on who you ask. It's not the Defining Masterpiece of Western Civilization that Microsoft's hype campaign promised us, but we're still talking about a very fun game with lots of customization and replay value here.

I really do wish they had put more effort into the campaign, though. I remember playing Halo 2 in co-op for the fourth time or so, thinking how much better the sequel was going to be, but turns out they put virtually all of their effort into the multiplayer mode. ;___;

Yeah all FPS games are over rated, they have not evolved much in gameplay since the original FPS games: Wolfenstein 3D and Doom. Yeah the graphics have improved alot but its basically mutton dressed up as lamb.

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It's sad how the best shooters are ones that were out 10 years ago, the ones that made 3D shooters where they are at now :(

My top 3 favorite 3D Shooters were:

Duke Nukem 3D
Unreal Tournament 99
Quake 1 & 2


Unreal Tournament went somewhat downhill (I still love their games, but im not as excited as I was back in 99)
Quake 3 & 4 also went downhill big time, the 1st two were awesome

I still have faith Duke Nukem Forever will be the best 3D Shooter our there... by far. Quiet a bold statement I know, but Duke has never failed me. ever.

Duke Nukem Forever will be like GTA... Graphically not the greatest, but holy **** will it have the best single/multi player experience.

:Cheers: to Duke Nukem Forever, to bring 3D Shooters back where they belong.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got 'em. As a longtime PC gamer, I have my own opinion - Tribes 1 was the greatest FPS of all time. The hell with Doom, and Quake, and Duke Nukem, and Wolf 3D, blah blah blah.... all overrated :P Do u c what I did thar?

Halo 1 was worth every bit of hype and the accolades it received. I enjoyed playing Goldeneye on the N64 in the dorms as much as the next guy, but Goldeneye has nothing on the beast that Halo was. Goldeneye had nowhere near the effect on FPS console gaming that Halo did.

The sequels are overrated. I don't think Halo 3 was worth more than a 8/10 at best (it burns me to the core that a game like Lost Odyssey gets burned for having oldschool gameplay, yet Halo sequels are rewarded), but even dumb fanboys have to agree that Halo 1 was amazing.

What I like about halo is that its a complete game. It has a good single player campaign, as well as a diverse set of multiplayer game modes. Personally, for the last 3 years, most of my gaming time is spent on multiplayer PC FPS (currently playing alot of UT3 and COD 4). Though I would say no aspect of halo is great, it does alot of things in a very good way. Good campaign mode with fun firefights plus lots of people to play against in various multiplayer games plus some neat extras like vehicular combat and global stat tracking. Yeah, both UT and Battlefield (my favorite online FPS series) are better multiplayer wise but they either have garbage posing as a campaign mode, or don't have one entirely. Comparing halo to half-life is unfair as the modability that the source engine has is something that console users won't get to enjoy any time soon. Comparing halo to goldeneye and perfect dark is pointless; those games are 2 generations old (I'm not counting perfect dark on xbox) and if you want to play a FPS on a console, you are buying a xbox and halo; you aren't ebaying a N64 and those games.

On a side note, to the person who bitched about regenerating health in FPS; get used to it, as it is here to stay. Call of Duty (one of the the most popular games out on both consoles and pcs) has it, Crysis has it, even third person shooters like gears of war and uncharted have it, along with other stuff I can't remember right now. If you are gonna give your position away by popping off, you best make sure you are set up to finish off your opponent.

What Halo hype promises.


What you get


Luckily I played Halo 2 before Halo and as a result I found it enjoyable. Halo was a lot of fun. I enjoyed the story as it was a rip off of a few differnt SCi FI storys I have read although I'm sure Larry Niven would like a royalty check. Halo 3 was fun as it compleated the story arc but it was dissapointing espeically in respects to AI which felt horribly dated.I enjoyed it but I traded it in on Mass Effect. Good Trade.