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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who thinks the Halo franchise is over rated?

Halo is the most over hyped game I've ever seen (beside Gears of war)

It a mediocre game at best, yet it sells millions. whereas quality dev like Clover studio who make quality games like Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Godhand (hey! that was a good game, just many gamers didn't like the difficulties) yet Clover has to close it doors due to poor sales. It amaze how M$ can easily fool so many people into buying their crap! I miss Clover so much :(

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I believe that the Halo franchise is highly overrated as the games are only average in comparison to the PC gaming world. They are just so highly praised because they were the best for console at the time of their release.

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I think all this needs to stop because you know why?
Cause all this is opinion. All these "somg halo is medicocre posts and somg halo is awsome etc" all need to stop because it is all opinion.

IN MY OPINION I think the series itself is overated HOWEVER
All 3 games are fantastic and great games.

People need to stop taking their opinions as fact.

Also i did not like metroid prime 3 or half life but i LOVE everyone has different tastes got it?

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As a Halo Fan, and Sci fi fan I'll say that Halo is just awesome.

Apart from the first game it may not do anything new, but it perfects what it does.
It doesnt do anything wrong.

Also as a sci fi fan, It's one of the best stories I've seen. Ok so it borrows from some films, but it's so engaging.(Read the books to). I always loved Halo for the single player first and Multi second. Ive never been bored of Halo 3 single yet. I must have done it like 30 40 times now. It is sometimes hard to put your finger on why I like it.

I bought The Orange box. As it was my first time playing Half life 2 I thought it was good, But in places it felt like a chore. The graveyard bit should have been left out.
My point is for me Halo is more engrossing. A story thats properly consistent throughout the trilogy.