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I despise every Halo game. If you compare it with PC games, there's about a billion better than Halo. If you compare it with console games, all you need is GoldenEye/Perfect Dark/TimeSplitters, made by the ultimate console FPS team. If you think Halo is the game that made FPS games successful on consoles, you're too young to remember GoldenEye, and if you think Halo is the best FPS of all time, then you're too stupid to use a mouse and keyboard. If you think Halo brought a SINGLE new thing to FPS gaming, then please do me a favor and first person shoot your brains out.

My biggest gripe (of many) is the regenerating armor. That's bullshit and ruins the game for me. The player who can get a kill quicker can regenerate every time and never die, making the game completely ridiculous in a 1 on 1 context. The faster player will get every kill ever. This has happened to me, and I've done this to other people. Either way, it's just not any fucking fun. Don't give me that "Oh well Halo's not for 1 on 1 games, it's for groups" crap, because Team Fortress 2 or CS would like to have that argument with you instead of me. I'm drunk as hell. Goodnight!