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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why do a timed exclusive for Tomb Raider

I feel like this is a really bad financial move. Why would you not release this game at the same on the platform that is currently doubling up XBone? Just give the pros and cons... because right now, it looks like they made a bad move.

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its sqaure. they are experts at making stupid decisions.

Cause MS paid enough to make it worth it... Like, when they launch a game, the need to sell blah amount of sales to break even before the rest can be profit so if MS paid for that or close to that, I think it makes sense as to why they did it cause guaranteed money is always better than potencial money... Plus its timed exclusive so they aren't losing too much


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Its SquareEnix... What did you expect? No one understands how SE works...

*goes back playing all those awesome dragon quest games on his mobile


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Actually for SquEnix it seems to be a good move. Have MS pay for development, get decent sales on the lesser platform and profit from the other 2 more important platforms later.

For MS it is silly and for the customers it either doesn't change anything (Xbone owners), means they have to wait (people who just wanted to play it) or the price of the game increased from $60 to $460 (dedicated fans).

Hmm, pie.

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Any one that thinks SE did not get well compensated for lost revenue are kidding them selves.

Everyone and their granny knows PS4 been ass whoopig X1 sales wise.

You think Se didnt mention that in their negotiating lol

I hope that the later this game progresses the more actual discussion is had about the actual game, and not its exclusivity.

OT: MS paid for it, what else do you want to hear?

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its not a bad move at all.

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