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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Who Else is Going to Buy GTA5 Again? Predictions!

I sold my GTA5 on 360 and I am thinking about buying it again on Xbox One because of the better graphics and possible DLC included. Who else might do this? I am hoping for 1080p and a steady 30 fps with less loading. Will try to buy it at 30 dollars or lower. Who thinks this game has the possiblity to sell another 10 million on Next Gen Xbox One, PC and PS4?

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I'm not 100% buying it again yet, but pretty close to it

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Ka-pi96 said:
I'm not 100% buying it again yet, but pretty close to it

If you do we should rob some banks together homie skillet

I am certainly buying it for PC... Just not again lolll


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I'm a double-dip guy, I have alrady pre-ordered DR3 even though I already have it on XBO and I'll buy Ryse again on PC the day I upgrade my PC to 4K gaming capable. So yeah, gonna buy it again on PC for 'dem graphics and maybe 'dem mods. After all the one thing I care the most is GTAO but I'm the only one of my friends with next-gen consoles so gonna go PC to play with them.

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I'll double dip.

I might. If there's a single hint that the PS4 version is hacked like it's last-gen counterparts, I won't buy it.

I'm buying it again on the One!
Amazing game! No problems double dipping. May even play with the online here :)

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If does come with single player DLC then I'm in

If not, I'll wait for a better price. But it's likely I'll end up with PS3, PS4 and PC versions eventually, because there will definitely be single player DLC and I'll want to play that on PS4

I only played a few hours of gta5 and traded in when I got ps4 I knew a year later it would get next gen update.

I will be buying it and will spend a lot of time on it

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