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I don't see any reason to buy GTA V again until/after they have Heist in the online mode that are awesome fun for people to do together.

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PC so I can mod the crap put of it. I can't wait to see what they can do with GTA V. Imagine it, lol.

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Still waiting for the definitive supreme 4K PC version.

I'm glad i waited for inevitable PS4 version and didn't buy it on the PS3.

I will wont be until a couple years pass b4 the new 1 come

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i will buy probably it again on PS4 if gamestop has the same deal that they had on the last of us remaster.

I didn't buy it for 360/PS3 so I probably will get it for Xbone/PS4 sometime in the future.

Maybe..... Not at full price though, that's for sure. Too many new games to play to worry about the year old ports!

I'll buy it again on PS4.

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I'll buy it on PC once it goes on a Steam sale to $30 or so, awesome game but I'm not a double dipper normally. Hopefully the mod community go to town with the PC version, the previous versions have had some good mods over the years.