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Skeeuk said:
I only played a few hours of gta5 and traded in when I got ps4 I knew a year later it would get next gen update.

I will be buying it and will spend a lot of time on it

Same here. I somehow was less than 10 hours into GTA V on PS3 when the PS4 came out, and I haven't played a game on my PS3 since. So I will be buying it again for sure.

Also, I thought GTA V running at 1080p was already confirmed for both PS4 and Xbox One? Just no mention of framerate yet? Or did I make that up?

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I'll double dip, but when it goes on sale digitally.
It was the last game I ever played on X360 (fun fact - GTA IV was my first game ever on X360), and after more than a year, it will be great to play it again. GTA games are among the very few I actually care to play more than once.

I held out, so i will be buying it for the first time. Can't wait.

For PC yes, for a unmoddable platform no

It depends on what kind of additions. I bought The last of us because I did not get any of the expansion packs and DLC (Left Behind and Map Packs) so if the game itself is bigger then I'll get it. Also I didn't finish the game. Stopped after 7-8h while my brother played the game a lot.

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Well, this is new.


I might since my 360 doesn't work anymore. Hopefully my friends buy it too.

My brother will and I'll help him buy it.

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yeah im buying it for PS4 for the possible exclusive or timed exclusive DLC aswell as the better graphics unlike most of yall im not DD didnt buy last yr caus i knew it was a strong possiblity it come to next gen had i know it be this crazy i wouldn't of bought quite a few games lik tomb raider and tlou

im pretty sure the game will sell alot on next gen id say it can hit 20M LT b/c R* will support it for quite some yrs yet


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I actually held off on getting the game on the PS3 waiting for the PS4 version to be announced so you can imagine my happiness at E3