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I don't think I will get it again! It's a good game ( much better than GTAIV in fact), but it's not a game I would buy a second time!

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I'm definitely going to buy it again, but not at full price, I'll wait for the Xbox One version to go on sale first.

I haven't played it, so I'm in.


was busy with exams last October. Then I got a PS4 ans was distracted. Then heard the rumours of a re release and decided to stick it out.


patience wins in the end my friends. Day 1 this time.

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I bought the $150 collectors edition, and will be getting the collectors edition on PS4 as well (If there is one) .

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Definitely not buying it again. Game sucked!




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naaa i wont buy it again. but if somebody loans it to me i sure as hell will play it again!

Depends on the extra content and exclusive features for GTA Online and if Rockstar will finally bother going after hackers/glitchers. Also since the game looks to be full price while no extra paid content is included like TLoU did, it doesn't look likely. I also found GTA Online to be shit in general.

Nah, I won't get it. It was a great game but I don't want to play it again.


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i still play it on ps3 so i don't think i would upgrade anytime soon.

I'm buying it again :)