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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I want Sony exclusives on PC!

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What do you think?

Please Sony, do it! 47 20.17%
Please Sony, don't do it! 62 26.61%
Please Anfebious go to hell! <3 124 53.22%

Too bad, it won't happen. The negatives list is MUCH bigger than any positives list, besides your positives list is mostly about how it is positive to you and not to Sony themselves.

If you want to play Sony exclusives buy a PlayStation.

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fighter said:
who detains the wipeout franchise now ?

Sony Computer Entertaintment Europe.

OT: Sounds like you're gonna need PlayStation(s), sir. 


Are the SOE games not good enough?

No. What would be the point of consoles then if everything goes to PC?


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That's nice dear.

Thanks jlmurph!

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That would be great. Think about all the money Sony can make by selling to all these new customers.

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I voted no. Without console exclusives, the games would get lost in the shuffle of the other 1,000's of games released every year.

It is near the end of the end....

When they do it they will have drop their consoles. They have no reason to do it when trying to sell their consoles.

Just buy a PS4, you won't regret it.

all i can say is this: every time nivida comes out with a new high end gpu, they should also have some exclusive software ready to make it shine. developing new interations of hardware is way easier then developing succsessful AAA games.