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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I want Sony exclusives on PC!

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What do you think?

Please Sony, do it! 47 20.17%
Please Sony, don't do it! 62 26.61%
Please Anfebious go to hell! <3 124 53.22%

After finally buying a decent PC I can finally enjoy a little bit of PC gaming! It is incredible how good these PC's are for gaming and I spent this week enjoying a lot! After all these hours of enjoyment I was able to experience Microsoft exclusives and I must say some of them where quite entertaining. Gears of war, Halo and others are very fun! So I was wondering why Sony doesn't release their games on Steam...

More people will have access to the incredible line up of exclusives! Games like Uncharted, The Last of Us, Little Big Planet and others! I feel Microsoft is right in putting their games in PC too and Sony would benefit a lot from this move.

In fact I created a list with the positive aspects:

-More people playing Sony exclusives!

-120 fps and 4K resolution!

-A lot more sales, which means a lot more money!

I'm sure there are a lot more positives aspects but these are the key ones.

What's your opinion guys?

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i agree bring them to pc sony and ill give you money

Lolll I would love that


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Imagine playing Knack at 4K/120fps! It would the best fucking thing ever, dude!

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I missed these kind of threads while you were gone. It's too good!

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who detains the wipeout franchise now ?

A lot of people want that, but they won't. They support their own platforms and not the competition's, which is very understanable.

It´s nice to want things.

It's not about you getting to play the games. It's about them trying to sell their consoles. One less exclusive is one less reason to buy the system.

Sorry but it's never going to happen.

I would support it, but Microsoft hasn't released any truly relevant games on PC in years, and I doubt Sony would want to, unless they want to cannibalize console sales.

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