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Test Topic

in Website Topics on 29 March 2019


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Shenmue 3 Ryo & Master Trailer MAGIC 2019

in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2019

This game actually exceeds my expectations so far. I feel sad now that I missed out on the Slacker Backer Campaign....

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My honest opinion on Mario Odyssey....

in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2017

It's a good game...

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'b00moscone' Made a Taco Live!

in General Discussion on 24 October 2017

>plans this in while I am still at work...

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Favorite Dead Nintendo IP [Poll]

in Nintendo Discussion on 10 July 2017

Metroid. Oh wait....

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Sexiest Nintendo man?

in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2017

KLXVER said: I haven't played Paper Mario TTYD in a while. Was Vivian a man? Gender In the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Vivian is a transgender girl. Other characters, as well as narrative text, describe Vivian using masculine terms such as otoko "man", and otōto "little brother".[3][4][5][6] However, Vivian initially...

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Sexiest Nintendo man?

in Gaming Discussion on 19 May 2017

Looking back I've noticed that, despite the family-friendly image they try so hard to protect, Nintendo has given us some surprisingly sexy men. Here's the run down on them. Ganondorf: Mario: Ike: Donkey Kong: Vivian: Birdo: ...

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sells 459,000 copies on launch day in US, fastest-selling Mario Kart in the US.

in Nintendo Discussion on 01 May 2017

Soundwave said: There's no way Smash Deluxe isn't being rushed to market now. I honestly hope they won't rush it. This could be a great holiday/early 2018 title....

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Don't you hate self-regenerating bosses?

in Gaming Discussion on 27 January 2017

Nintation360 said: Sooo when I made all those threads, everyone disagreed and made fun of me. NOW everyone is is having trouble and agreeing with this thread? Okay.    Yes. Maybe. Perhaps. Could be your perception though....

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What is the difference between a good and great game?

in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2016

hershel_layton said: Generally, you'll see the terms 'good' and 'great' thrown around when discussing video games. In your opinion, what separates a good game from a great game? FFXV is good, XCX is great...

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Windows 10 is coming to Qualcomm's Snapdragon mobile chips

in Microsoft Discussion on 08 December 2016

LurkerJ said: this broken link though...

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Anyone want to join b00moscone Zisbest and me for MK8

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2016

We have no friends, thanks in advance...

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My Big Butt.

in General Discussion on 25 October 2016

Gaming forums anno 2016...

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Do you think any NX rumours or predictions hold truth?

in Nintendo Discussion on 20 October 2016

Now that we're actually getting genuine news about the Nintendo NX, which rumours do you believe to be true about the system?...

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Will Color Splash follow in the footsteps of Super Paper Mario?

in Nintendo Discussion on 09 April 2016

AZWification said: I hope it actually comes out on the WiiU and bombs pretty badly. :( That's not cool....

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Super ROBO Mouse Launch Trailer

in Gaming Discussion on 07 April 2016

Been waiting a long time for this one...

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VGChartz Newcomer Of The Year 2015 - Quarter Finals - Round 2

in General Discussion on 09 March 2016

4p - b00m 3p - Platina 2p - Cloud 1p - Natsu...

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What Is The Best PC Exclusive Of All Time?

in PC Discussion on 03 March 2016

Bad Rats fo' sure....

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If you were a billionaire what would you do "to change the world?"

in General Discussion on 03 March 2016

I'd buy everyone rubber ducks....

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VGChartz Greatest User Tournament 2015 - Nominations

in Gaming Discussion on 12 December 2015

Captain_Yuri Zisbest Conegamer Ultrashroomz AZWification (even though he isn't participating) b00moscone...

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