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Favourite Major Nintendo Franchise

Mario (Donkey Kong,Wario,Yoshi) 27 20.93%
The Legend of Zelda 60 46.51%
Metroid 9 6.98%
Pokémon 15 11.63%
Kirby 1 0.78%
Star Fox 2 1.55%
Pikmin 6 4.65%
Animal Crossing 1 0.78%
F-Zero 3 2.33%
Other 5 3.88%

Quality Memories and Experience,

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They're fun. Pure and unadulterated. There are exceptions, particularly in the Zelda series, but by and large, the games are all about fun.

The emphasis on fun is unique, and definitely my favorite thing about Nintendo. And it's also my least favorite thing about Nintendo.

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ok, first off, your topic title and your poll are two different things. But for me, I like them because they give us something different than the three main genres of the world which are Shooters, Racing, and Sports. I mean, those are so over done and yes I know games like GTA, Uncharged, and so on are not "shooters" they have a heavily base of the shooter concept in them.

But over all, Nintendo give us something different, something colourful, games are well done and polished and they don't seem rushed (most of the time) and we have a wide variety of genras to choose from as well as if we want violent games or not and have them both be fun. The only think I wish they'd do more was bring more RPG's to their systems. I know they are coming with X and such but there are so many great RPG's I wish they'd just throw a chunk of cash at the developers to get them to develop on for their systems. I am going to miss not having KH3, same with the tales series and such :(

Then again, KH3 is a mystery right now as to it's release.... I may have a PS4 by then. lol

Their mastery of creating games and experiences that last.

No other developer has come close in this regard.

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They focus on Fun first and that is what makes their games great.

for being what they are. You listed all the reasons for me being a nintendo fan in the poll, included earthbound, smash bros, fire emblem and mario kart, except animal crossing (never tried)



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OfficerRaichu15 said:
I grew up with pikmin ;')
pikmin 2 is my favorite game of all time

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Polish and the crazy amount of detail, many of their games have.

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