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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why is using a Gamecube controller on Smash such a big deal?

It's the best controller eva!!

It's also meant for Smash. Playing 64, Melee and Brawl on the Wii is best with a GC controller.

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This new is big is because it's like I just got divorced and get to use my hand all over again. It fits like a glove.

Panama said:
Because the tourney scene has been using it for over a decade as a result of the Wii having less than stellar controllers for Smash Bros.

Had a good laugh at some of these comments though.

kinda funny huh :) Also these have wires, i dont thinksome people are taking that into consideration!

Arkaign said:

The GC controller is insanely overrated. The D-pad is made for people with pencils for thumbs, the overall feel is cheap.

It's pure nostalgia. It was a real improvement over the N64 controller in a lot of ways, but still an awkward piece of work. The Wii Pro gamepad is far far FAR FAR FAR better.

Basically anyone who grew up with (insert controller here) as the controller they used most during their formative gaming years will say "Oh, it's the best!", when in fact it was just something they got used to.

Better controllers objectively than GC :

NES, SNES, TG16, Hori Commander Series, Wii/WiiU Classic/Pro Pads, Xbox OG 'S', Xbox 360, DS2, DS3, DS4, XBO, etc.

EDIT : Forgot the DreamCast pad, which craps all over the GC controller as well. Silly me. Sega pads were usually awful, but the DC one was outstanding.

Aw, man, what a load of....TRUTH :D

Because its been seen as the most ideal controller for the game and I agree.

I for one will be buying this adapter/controller even if its just for this game.


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It's what most people have been comfortable with since Melee.

4 ≈ One

if this doesn't embed can someone do it for me...the gif is great.

Just imagine:

What the GameCube controller only needs to be perfect is a bigger D-Pad, like the one of the Gamepad or Pro Controller.

DevilRising said:
The answer to the OP's question is:

Because a bunch of whiny tourney nerds who think THEY are the only fans that matter when it comes to Smash, complained to the heavens that this new SB was going to be HORRIBLE, because they couldn't cling to their beloved GC controllers, because don't you know, Melee is the best game ever created.

And as we all know, the squeaky wheel does sometimes get the grease. SO much so that Sakurai is even bending over backwards to put a Tourney-Tard mode in the new game, with No Items + Final Destination being the rule. I'm surprised the mode didn't also include Fox Only.

Jesus fucking Christ. So much ignorance squeezed into one post.

But out of curiosity, why do you seem to care this much about a non-issue? All Wii and Wii U branded controllers will be supported and no one will force you to use the Gamecube controller. 

Also, tourney "tards" never asked for Final Destination-only. That part just shows how limited Sakurai's and the Namco team's knowledge is about the competitive Smash community.

Anyone serious about smash can only be happy about this news, and I think there are a lot of vocal smash fans or old fans that are rekindling their love for smash after this fan service.

That should explain the big fuss.

Edit: I agree with Basil. This may not be the best controller ever made, but it's the best controller so far for smash, and people have spent hours playing melee and brawl with that controller, so it's the best for smash. Also, it's the most comfortable controller ever made, it feels just right. Might be missing some functions over the newer controllers but it fits like a glove, as tbone said.