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Lost Odyssey 2 but since that isn't going to happen I will be very happy with Forza Horizon 2's official unveiling.

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BHR-3 said:
gta 5 ps4 port

Not going to happen the game already sold more then enough to be highly profitable.  At this point I wouldn't even expect a PC port anytime soon.

Last Story 2. Or a new, exciting IP.

Capcom decided to outsource the next Resident Evil game to a respected developer, it is also a reboot of the entire series timeline and an actual survival horror game, not one of these action games with a bit of poor horror that just lable themselves as such.


Chrono Trigger 2 or at least Chrono Trigger Remake.

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Dragon Quest VII localization for NA ;-;

A new Souls game, luckily it's already happening with Project Beast.

Sigs are dumb. And so are you!

Star Ocean 5, The Last Remnant 2, Lost Odyssey 2, Xenosaga IV!

Direct sequel, including enormous amounts of references, to Paper Mario Thousand year door that uses the same gameplay mechanics (more refined is fine).

Metroid 5 for 3DS or a good Metroid game for WiiU