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Maybe this Week 3DS have outsell PS4 WW!
PS4 last week= 127.000
3DS last week= 105.000
...If 3DS have sold 21.000 in Japan, and this Week 34.000, have sold 13.000 of more, and was also increased even in the NA and EU... While PS4 has declined in all territories.

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celador said:
sundin13 said:
celador said:


Golden Week ^.^

I'm assuming that is Japan's version of Black Friday.  Are we talking about the same kind of boosts, in the 100%s?

Its basically a series of holidays within the span of a week. I think boosts are usually 20-30% so not huge but certainly noticable

badgenome said:
SnowPrince said:

May I ask you what kind of bonuses? I just know it won't be any price reduction for the game, it just got launched. Or is it related to some pre-golden week event ?

Some costumes plus an entry into a raffle to win some figurines and such.

After-bath suit for Asuna ?? 1M digital sales confirmed.

It is actually a good move to stimulate PSN sales, make people try going for digital versions.

celador said:
ethomaz said:
celador said:
Last week of PS4 in five figures for a while

It will go up next week... all consoles will be a good increase in sales.


Golden week

MDMAlliance said:
SnowPrince said:
Very strong FW for SAO, I always believed it would surpass 100k but not near 150k or even more with digitals, and it just smashes that 150 LTD target to the wall.
TFFCC did well, but below my expectations, good for them the bundle helped 3DS to keep the throne this week, next week every platform should be up.
MH Frontier flopped hard, just DIE CAPCOM you and your pathetic greed for money.

What were your expectations for the game?  At least according to VGChartz's data, this is how the sales of the original looks like

PosGamePlatformYearGenrePublisherNorth AmericaEuropeJapanRest of WorldGlobal
1 Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy 3DS 2012 Misc Square Enix 0.19 0.06 0.18 0.02 0.45

I just checked and it made a bigger FW than the previous entry, I don't know why but I thought the game had 100k+ FW. I wish it will have better legs.

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I want WiiU Nes remix 1 and 2 for Europe too... It is a lovely piece to add to my collection


MH Frontier is on Wii U too right? And Vita. When they will release?

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I believe the boost on 3ds sales was due to two things:

1 - the launch of FF Theatrhythm and its exclusive themed 3ds
2 - the promotion of getting a 3ds and recieving either Yokai Watch or Animal Crossing for free

Pretty good opening for SAO and Theatrthytm, small boost from the Wii U, bigger from the Vita yet bigger still for the 3DS.

Also PS4 dropping below 10k next week seems like a certainty. Well, it would be without Golden Week. But very soon at any rate. It's all down to games in Japan, and the PS4 just doesn't have enough right now, unfortunately.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Nice! SAO did very well! Im glad a good game does!
That vita though? I thought it was a guaranteed 35k-40k. 3DS is the ****! Next week well see it above 50k :)
Me and a few others knew about why the 3ds would get a nice boost and its not from the Theatrhytym game :p