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Forums - Sales Discussion - BOLD & DARING Prediction PS4 WILL go below 100k WW at least one week this year


Will this prediction come true?

Yes 125 56.82%
No 74 33.64%
Phreakin' copy cat! 21 9.55%
Blood_Tears said:

Do you have the prediction chart there for reference? I've seen a lot of predictions saying MK U will sell a lot more then it has so far (Along with saving the Wii U) so I am not uninformed. WD's is a new IP and having just 1 version sell over a well known IP of MK is unheard of. Also, I didn't say it didn't sell well but it is also down compared to the last 2 iterations of the series.

As you can see,  many people weren't expecting it to break 1M first week and sites like polygon predicted around 1.3mil lifetime sales for MK8. Only 5 out of 60ish people predicted over 1M in sales for the first week (lifetime sales predictions are massive though). Watch Dogs on the other hand had a Massive hype machine behind it and it rode the wave of the PS4's momentum. Additionally, Mario Kart is known largely for legs which it is showing by outselling WD (PS4) for the last few weeks.

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um... yeah june will be adjusted up based on npd

as for now i want an apology


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BHR-3 said:
um... yeah june will be adjusted up based on npd

as for now i want an apology

Sorry, ironically I was the confident one.

adjustments up we are still in it, week b4 WD releases is lowest at 107k


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So it hasn't actually dropped below 100k yet?

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brendude13 said:
So it hasn't actually dropped below 100k yet?

Nope, not yet. Lowest it's gone is 107k (the week prior to WD). The weeks people previously thought were sub 100k have been adjusted up about 20k each.

Yay for people preemptively calling things.

That will not happen PS4 got the games to support it.

It could have happened without Destiny and the white PS4. After Destiny, the games season enters its "rush hour" and christmas which again will boost the PS4.

The weeks where it could have happeed is here in the summer weeks.

Don't copy random editorials.

We will have to hold the horses a little more to celebrate a sub 100k week.

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If the PS4 survives august without going under 100k, then that's a wrap for this year, cuz dat destiny bundle in september...

Thanks jlmurph!