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Blood_Tears said:

Do you have the prediction chart there for reference? I've seen a lot of predictions saying MK U will sell a lot more then it has so far (Along with saving the Wii U) so I am not uninformed. WD's is a new IP and having just 1 version sell over a well known IP of MK is unheard of. Also, I didn't say it didn't sell well but it is also down compared to the last 2 iterations of the series.

As you can see,  many people weren't expecting it to break 1M first week and sites like polygon predicted around 1.3mil lifetime sales for MK8. Only 5 out of 60ish people predicted over 1M in sales for the first week (lifetime sales predictions are massive though). Watch Dogs on the other hand had a Massive hype machine behind it and it rode the wave of the PS4's momentum. Additionally, Mario Kart is known largely for legs which it is showing by outselling WD (PS4) for the last few weeks.