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I agree, it's ridiculous that you would be so biased on metacritic. This is why I don't use Metacritic anymore, because this happens with most of the games. Especially with exclusive games for a certain console. This happens on all sides.
Especially with games which where big hypes as with most Tripple A games nowdays.

what do you think of the game? or haven't you played yet?

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DucksUnlimited said:
Every fanbase does this with every major release. Why is this a thread?

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nanarchy said:

Kinda funny and at the same time incredibly sad the effort some of the nintendo and Sony fans go to in order to downrate the competitions games (yes I am sure their are some sad MS fans that do it too). They don't even try to hide their bias, for example you have Mrpops238 giving it a zero and commenting on the low resolution while at the same time rating KillZone Shadowfall a 10 lol. oh well it was to be expected, just sad.

come on guy, this is what every fanboy does with every new game of the other console.  Starting a Thread for this ?

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It isn't worth making a thread about Titanfall user reviews.

But god forbid anything happens to Infamous: Second Son user reviews. That's going too far.

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So you're actually saying that it's only sony fans that are the reason of it's bad score ?

It's set by activision to be COD successor. Just look at COD user scores on any console.

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Publishers don't care what the User review scores for Metacritic are because they know they are a sham.

This happens to a lot of major releases on Metacritic, which is why the User Score has stopped being relevant for a while now. If they could somehow verify someone purchased the game, it would be more trustworthy.

bigjon said:
no different than XB1 fanboys running to Amazon with BLOD stories.

You mean this problem that PS4 owners are still having?

And had Sony customer service flooded with calls for a week and sending replacements? Is that how you justify immaturity?

They do it too?

Trolls will be trolls!

People who do that seem very angry that they can't play it because they wouldn't do it if tgey wouldn't care. Just laugh about them because they show you that they are super mad.