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vivster said:
0815user said:
vivster said:
0815user said:
metascore * userscore / 10 = real metacritic review

That doesn't even make sense. That way any game would have a lower score than both critics and user score.

titanfall as by now: 87*4.8/10 = 41.76

darksouls 2 as by now: 91*8.9/10 = 80.99

seems fair to me but it's true that you don't get close to 100 scores easily

No. Every result would be lower than the lowest score it got so you would be saying that both critics and users are rating it too high.

The truth is between user and critics score.

ok then: (metascore + userscore*10)/2

(87+4.8*10)/2 = 67.5 and

(91+8.9*10)/2 = 90

can live with that too.