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Yeah look at any major exclusive for any platform, the trolls exist on all sides, its pathetic.

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its the sony fans....except for the moon they are everywhere

Truly pathetic.

They are really butthurt not getting this game. Its kinda funny. Sad, but funny.


no different than XB1 fanboys running to Amazon with BLOD stories.

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Some of the tens are ms fanboys trying to hype the game more. Some of the zeros are fanboys from other camps. Mid low and mid high seem legit. Sales will comfirm, but I dont think it is at all like people were hoping. Some will like it, others wont. Im sure it is a good game, but by no means a system seller.

Still waiting on sales data though.

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Well that only proves that it's the new COD. Good review scores and shitty user scores. The internet is full of hipsters.

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nanarchy said:

Kinda funny and at the same time incredibly sad the effort some of the nintendo and Sony fans go to in order to downrate the competitions games (yes I am sure their are some sad MS fans that do it too). They don't even try to hide their bias, for example you have Mrpops238 giving it a zero and commenting on the low resolution while at the same time rating KillZone Shadowfall a 10 lol. oh well it was to be expected, just sad.

Same shit happens to big sony and nintendo games its nothing new, ive seen people shit on Uncharted 2 and The Last of us with the same fervor that people are doing it to titanfall.


I give TF a 7 out of 10, its fun good amount of maps but doesnt have enough game modes for a online only game, and the screen tearing issues are still there from the beta.  i see myself playing this for a few months but not past that. 


i also dont see this being a system seller i dont know i just dont think its a game thats worth a person buying a 500$ system for, with that said if someone wants a X1 then this is the time to get it being you can get TF for free with the bundle and its a good game to get free.

Same shit happens to sony games and the 10/10's that i have seen are definitely xbox fanboys hyping this game up to the high heavens.

ok do yall really belive the game is a 100/100 i mean EGM how much did they get paid for that review, then again EGM is very lose with thier scoring they give to many games 90+ and gave Rayman Origins a 100/100 personally i think the best review was the one done by the Escapist, as that seems to line up exactly to my experience so far with the game.