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Titanfall looks...

AWESOME! 87 20.33%
Meh, it looks like Call of Duty with Mechz! 268 62.62%
Ewww 720p 73 17.06%
Anfebious said:
Normchacho said:
Anfebious said:

It's time to admit it guys... Titanfall looks awesome. So... there is no need to go around in Titanfall threads screaming: "Titanfall sucks!" or "I'll wait for the PS4 version, thank you very much". The game is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox one. Those are three ways of playing the game so why do you go go around crying over Titanfall not being on the almighty PS4? Just play it on your old Xbox 360 or get a Xbox One! "But... but... the PS4 version would run the game at 1080p and 60 fps"... so what? The PC version could probably run it at 4k and 120 fps.

So, why won't you let people hype the game guys?

Wait what? So if I don't think Titanfall looks awesome I'm wrong? It's not a matter of opinion I'm just wrong? People can hype up the game all they want but are you seriously telling people that unless they're hyping up the game they can't talk about it? 

My PC could easily run it but nothing I've seen so far has interested me. It just doesn't look like my kind of game. But I guess I'm wrong right?

Yes you are wrong, and you should feel bad about it.

mmmmm nope, still don't feel bad. Game looks lame.

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Normchacho said:
Anfebious said:

Yes you are wrong, and you should feel bad about it.

mmmmm nope, still don't feel bad. Game looks lame.

First stage is denial, you will like it once you try the game out.

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FrontlineJaguar said:
celador said:
So anyone who doesn't like it is automatically a fanboy? They can't have any complaints? I look forward to the 100 metascore then.

No but what we see from vgchartz most people who don't like the game are ps fanboys. Yes everybody has their own opinion Titanfall will have few problems their has not been a single game which can be perfect. The hype is real and you cannot deny it might be a little overhyped on vgchartz because xbox fanboys thiknk it will push thier console which it will push definetely.

and many that champion it as the next halo are all ms xbox fanboys.

reasor for hype and hate is all the same. 

I'll be getting the PC version in the future *-*!


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Looks like a cross between Call of Duty and Shogo Mobile Armor Division, not a bad idea actually.

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When it was first announced it looked interesting. Then as time went on and all we'd ever seen were those scripted gameplay trailers, I was getting annoyed with lack of details. Then I got interested in it again when decent gameplay and stuff started coming out. Then I started to worry about it's overall success because of the idea that you are limited by it's use because in order to play, you have to pay more. It's no different to any FPS MMO in a sense. Then with the recent Beta gameplay I can honestly say I've had enough of it. Not because I'm playing it, not because I'm jealous because I don't own an Xbox to play it on (have a PC that surpasses minimum specs).

I've had enough of people going on about it. Same effect Breaking bad had on me, people wouldn't shut up, so I didn't watch it. Probably never will.

Hmm, pie.

0815user said:
because FPS need to die. don't care if it's titanfall, killzone or half life, they all need to for at least one generation.

Its the most competitive genre. People will always want new guns, new ways to play and new obstacles and new people in real life to shooter the shit out of. The went full multiplayer because thats where all the signs are pointing to. I hear Ubisoft is doing the same thing with the Division.

tpjp said:
Looks like a cross between Call of Duty and Shogo Mobile Armor Division, not a bad idea actually.

works really well.  but seems ever better suited for single player.

tf2 will be awesome if it does have it, likely will!

People are entitled to their own opinions.

I think it will perform better if the hype dies out otherwise a lot of people will be disappointed if they go into it thinking its a COD killer because its far from that.