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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Iwata: "The Wii U isn't in good shape"

I expect them to someday soon make something like this...

That doubles as WiiU gamepad and allows you to play VC games through in-app purchases of their own app.


I predict NX launches in 2017 - not 2016

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If they had any business sense at all or could be turned around easily.

But they have no idea how to do this.
I think they are just hoping China calls and tells them they want a billion units. Then they will not have to have any good ideas.

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DarkNight_DS said:
They have the games to make the Wii U take off. The question is: will they port them over? or will they create another Super Gameboy accessory?

God damn, very unlikely, but that would be awesome. I have the GBA player for GC and some games truly shine on it.

Wonder what's gonna come of those words.

Aren't they planning a new console for 2015?, that's too soon!, ¿You think it was easy to get the money to buy me the Wii U?

I love how people take this statement and totally spin it into the worst possible scenario of Nintendo ditching the Wii U and releasing a new console ASAP. This kind of assumption is the same reason any arm-chair CEOs would drive Nintendo into the ground. Nintendo KNOWS that ditching the Wii U will HURT its reputation FAR greater than sticking it out and continuing to release top quality, first-party games on it.

So please, stop spreading this kind of disingenuous concern! lol

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The problem with the Wii U is that it's too different to the competition. They come up with some interesting ideas but i guess a tablet controller is just a bit out there. It is well executed but i guess it drags down the console for both customers and developers.

I like the controller though but they are in a tough situation with Wii U. Who would of thought this would happen 5 years ago?

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They can always rebrand the console and release a slimmer model with a redesigned controller.
Ditching the Wii U is not an option. They need to end this generation showing that they care about their fans and consumers and if possible, ending Wii U`s life cycle with a good and diverse line-up to help them in the transition to a new console.

reggin_bolas said:
Does anyone else feel they may just go Dreamcast on this thing? I suspect they will drop it completely by next year if whatever emergency strategy doesn't work out for them this year.

Not even a remote chance, because

1. Nintendo has way more money than Sega did.

2. Nintendo has 3DS and their portable line in general making them $$$$, which Sega didn't.

3. Nintendo manages thier money WAY better than Sega did.

4. Big Nintendo titles like Mario, Pokemon, Mario Kart, Smash Bros., etc. tend to sell quite a bit more than Sega's biggest did, even on Genesis.

5. Sega was already in pretty big finanacial trouble when they finally dropped DC and went third party. It wasn't JUST the DC, but years of build-up to that point that led to that sad decision. Nintendo is not anywhere CLOSE to being in that position, they have billions in the bank, are STILL making money off of 3DS, Wii is even still selling, and Wii U is in a strong position, in spite of appearances, to make a major comeback in 2014 and beyond. They just need to get those GAMES out.

And speaking of which, I wonder why more people aren't talking about Iwata mentioning that he wants NOA to start localizing more Japanese titles for NA release. Meaning we won't be missing out on games like Captain Rainbow, Fatal Frame 4, Tact of Magik, Zangeki no Reginleiv, Line Attack Heroes, Disaster: Day of Crisis, etc. in the future. Or, you know, the big one, Mother 3. That is the hope at least.

aikohualda said:
AstroGamer said:
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AZWification said:

Words don't mean a damn thing. Actions do.


I don't get why people are so obsessed with this. It's not like he can just announce something and everything will be fixed for Nintendo. Its a long drawn out process that can only go quickly if Nintendo decide to adhere to the market trends closely which destroys their fanbase. If he announces games now, it'll bring hope but unless they come out at a regular pace and within a year of their announcement. No game save the best game ever could get people to buy enough Wii u's to save it. Price drops won't fix a thing and meeting the small complaints of the current owners isn't going to sell much more consoles. 

because they work in nintendo and know that HE is not doing any actions :)

and running a multi billion dollar business is like running a high school play rehearsal.... if something is wrong... you can fix it right away.

Yeah.. Nintendo is doing actions. Like delaying Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze so that misses the holiday season.

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To all of you who say they should "ride it out" should they continue to hemorrhage money off this thing? It probably needs to be dumped to 199 price tag level to generate any kind of sales momentum. But at that point, Nintendo will lose so much money per console sold.

The best thing is to tap into that huge cash reserve and start R&D on a console ready for launch in 2016 at the earliest.

What other grand strategy do you propose?